Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao InterviewA Day in the Life of

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Changpeng Zhao CEO of Binance and I discuss what it is like to run an exchange, the latest challenges and controversies, new coin listings, -barotra, and much more!
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Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao InterviewA Day in the Life of

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  1. Lark, you’re a Rockstar! 😉
    Binance CEO not too shabby either. 🙂 Thanks for asking about NEM! I ♡ me some NEM on Binance.

  2. Mark has recently decided to do crypto full timegive him a a few months his channel will explode.
    Lark is one of the few YouTubers with real knowledge.
    Good on ya 👍

  3. Excellent! My confidence meter with Binance was full before, but now it is off the charts. A good strong hard-working leader sets the bar really high, so I’m sure his entire team is top-notch. Thanks for the interview. I’m even feeling better about Tether. Though, I wish he would add more than 6 pairings with it on his site, since he has so much confidence in them.

  4. Time saver 😉
    0:30 Day in the life of CEO of binance
    2:18 Speaks on accidently being on cover of Forbes
    3:43 Explains how the database failed to back up which caused the site to go down
    7:36 What is he doing to make sure no deposits from hack from Bitgrail
    9:46 feelings on tether
    11:29 What was the reason for delay of nep5 tokens
    13:07 Questions why nem isn’t listed
    14:33 Will we see eos based tokens?
    15:19 Stellar payout on binance?
    16:19 What’s the benefit of burning bnb coins?
    17:35 Are there any plans to changing to dex
    20:10 Projects to be listed on launch pad
    22:20 What is the future for binance information
    24:38 Has it been any problem delivering luxury cars to winners
    25:55 What are the requirements to be on the voting list?
    28:17 Dealing with influx of onboarding users
    31:31 Calculating profit and loss on trades
    31:56 Least common customer service issue
    33:46 What’s binance competitive edge?

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  5. Lark, you have consistently kept quality, well-thought out, informative content (not to mention great interviews) on your channel since DAY 1! Looking forward to more future content as we navigate the crypto space. Lark to the Moon!

  6. He doesn’t have a car? Wow!!! Lark, I just have to say that you are my number one source of crypto information. Keep it up.

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