Binance Brings Us One Step Closer to Mass Adoption – Ankehitriny Crypto News

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Ao anatin'ity lahatsary ity, Mattie gives you an update on the most recent events in the crypto and blockchain space. He talks about Binance's new acquisition, Verge being listed on Huobi and MORE. Izany dia ampahany isan'andro!
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Verge (XVG) Announces Huobi Listing

Binance Is One Step Closer To Making Crypto Adopted

Binance Trust Wallet Announcement

Binance Acquires Trust WalletA Secure Mobile Crypto Wallet

Trust Wallet

Australian Bank Uses Ethereum Blockchain For Shipment



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Binance Brings Us One Step Closer to Mass AdoptionToday's Crypto News

52 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. just HODL dont be afraid of the 2018 market and what the traders tell you to do, and if it drops further save up and buy cheap

  2. One thing that could help with the nut industry. When we harvest our nuts they go to the processing plant. From their you have a choice when and how much of your nuts to sell as the price fluctuates through the year. The plant keeps track of how much of each variety you have in weight. I can see block chain help making this easier and faster for the farmers and help get the payment faster and get them out the door to retailers who use them. Plus being able to track the nuts all the way back to the farmers fields if an outbreak of something comes out faster.

  3. I think this is great news not that CBA had sent almonds BUT AND A BIG BUT it’s the way the CBA had conducted the shipment, this is great that finally the institutions are using the technology of Blockchain BULLISH NEWS but will most understand??? Great video

  4. we had too many theories floating around at the time of the recording as to what exactly caused the retracement. Maybe just a market correction? what do you think?

  5. sensowee leaf trust. I found enj wallet to be so secure that I’d forget how to get into it, trust only works for erc20 though

  6. The CBA has one of the most advanced tech teams in the country and have one of the most advanced cybersecurity teams in the Australian banking community. They are forward-thinking and hopefully, they will help with adoption.

  7. Thanks Rittoo ! Agreedthe almonds are irrelevant. But the shipment shows us that CBA is open-minded and looking to explore blockchain further

  8. Why not discuss Monarch Wallet and all the 1700 tokens and coins it holds and all the cool stuff they do now for free? why talk about things that don’t work or aren’t available?

  9. @Mattie thanks for the reply 👌can’t wait for other big giants to start showing announcing they are using blockchaincome on crypto adoption ✊✊✊

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