Biggest Problem Holding Back The Crypto Market? 1 Trillion Bitcoin and Altcoin Market Cap 2018?

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In today's video, we talk about the biggest problem holding back the crypto market. What is really stopping the market from reaching a $1 trillion dollar market cap?


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Biggest Problem Holding Back The Crypto Market? 1 Trillion Bitcoin and Altcoin Market Cap 2018?

50 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. True. we need Bittrex Binance and other exchnages to re open registrations and make debit cards or checking accoun purchases available directly from exchnages!!! Not coinbase BS expensive crap! More people must be able to buy crypto easily!

  2. Hopefully at the 1 trillion mark we can then. If I could do it directly from exchanges, I would be so deep in alt coins it wouldn’t even be funny!

  3. getting in is honestly scary at first, not knowing much and putting like $200 in and sending that to a new wallet for the first time is rough

  4. HAH nice! This crowd tends to be quite particular, myself included. Shaylan is growing on me though, he stopped eating jolly ranchers while talking.

  5. Swamp Chicken if you’re really afraid of the risks. Just invest on an exchange coin like bnb or kucoin token. Or a main coin like etheureum litecoin bitcoincash bitcoin too. Low risks with them

  6. Doggo I’ve been in for about 3 months now, I was referring to my first few transactions. I have a much better understanding now

  7. ICX I fucking despise CB. Their fees are disgusting and their limits are even worse. The only positive is they allow USD to buy but they need more coins of course to validate their awful fees. Did I mention their fees? Oh what about their awesome customer service?

  8. +Abraham Pacana yeah it really is. 5 minutes looking at the companies involved and you can see that they don’t let just anyone in. Huge news

  9. Finally! Been waiting to hear some news for Telcoin! Holding 25k atm and will be until i see at least 400 satoshi’s! Hovering around 40 atm so it has so much room to move.

  10. Adrienna van Diermen click on the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen and you’ll see the options there.

  11. Every transaction and trade is a high cost on CBase except for a send with LTC or ETHDon’t use BTC for a send..I had hopes for Robinhood but they have stupid rules for requiring a IOS or Android phoneYea it sounds trivia lbut I have an older phone,I am not getting another damn phone,so what does my damn phone have to do with opening an account .. Robinhood will lose out with stupid things that make it harder to get an account..

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