Altcoins See Gains As Crypto Market Prepares For Growth

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The market turned the corner this afternoon, as every coin in the top 200 ranking was in the green (save or BitConnect). Taking hints from previous years, we should be prepared for this recovery to begin taking place soon, anefa 2018 might occur with a tighter elasticity than years before. Even if it doesn't it will still be a wild ride.

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Altcoins See Gains As Crypto Market Prepares For Growth

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  1. Ten times gains across my portfolio would be awesome. I think it could happen. People who expect 100 times/1000 times gains are not being particularly realistic. Even 2x gains is good in the “tena” izao tontolo izao. Property for me!

  2. Well I’m younger so I decided to not get any bring for Christmas and put money into crypto currency. I’ve gotten a good amount of my money in return (for a younger kid.) I’m doing this for experience and knowledge about different ways of making money. It’s fun learning new things like this and it’s been awesome watching the videos.

  3. Buy a house and have enough money to send my daughter too any college of her choice. And some financial freedom would be great

  4. you are exactly right no buyers bit connect money was used to fund crypto projects not fucking living lavish and dumb like people think now financial institutions and governments are the main buyers and will take over.

  5. My goal when getting into cryptos was to pay off my unwanted student loans, Don’t think I would have gotten into it without you guys. I really appreciate you guys sharing your wisdom with the masses.

  6. With what I have invested, I doubt this’ll be life changing money in 2018 (for me), I’m treating this as a learning curve and consider myself lucky to have entered in such a bull market, with dips and all. I’m excited for the financial freedom and independence that crypto can offer and can only hope that it stays that way. Learned from this dip that I should take profits at times to reinvest during dips.

  7. I have 30x my portfolio!!!! 100 or more X is possible…… if you say you can never go past something then you never will……. UNIVERSE

  8. Not saying it will not, I agree that we can manifest our own destiny. But there are a lot of people who don’t always have realistic expectations that’s all. I wish the best abundance for everyone! Just saying I would be happy with 10x gains. More than that, obviously great too

  9. What I want from crypto is for my mom to never have to work again and also for me to be able to pay for her surgery, unfortunately her insurance doesn’t cover it

    Most of my portfolio is in EOS and XLM right now, hope they come through for me guys! ✊🏽

  10. Exactly. Just are just concerned with taxation, loss of value in currency and use, criminal activity and again, more taxation. lol

  11. Jacob Stroudin this crazy market, even 100 can make you 10,000 if you get luckyI even won’t take it this far. 50X = 5,000. Then you re-invest these 5000 and who knowsmaybe you’ll get lucky again, but lets say you double your portfolio. That’s 10k.
    Now here, begins a completely different ball game. So it IS possible. Difficult, but possible.

  12. RUwatching
    You don’t need bank account numbers or license photographs like with Coinbase. Kucoin is pretty cut and dry with just an email address needed to get started. It’s up to you to fully secure your account i.e. a heavy password and don’t skip using 2-factor authentication.

    Holding Kucoin shares, from what I understand, has nice dividends as in there’s both profit sharing and they airdrop coins of the week or something like that to share hodl’ers.
    Not a bad sale price today either.

  13. I just want to be able to live a modest life with no mortgage and no need for a job.
    I wake up, sit on my deck with some coffee, read a book, garden, have a beer, go for a jog or walk, maybe have lunch with friends.
    Easy life. No need for lambos.

  14. The title MAY come back to haunt you IF we are in a bear market. Leading experts cannot conclusively say if we are in a bear market but you’re sayingWe are preparing for growth.If we are in a bear market you’ll see many days where there’s a little green and the overall trend is down. IF we are in a bear market, what’s your channel content strategy? You can’t uploadMoon Moon Moonall day everyday in a bear marketThe only thing to do is to focus on learning the stuff that makes peoples heads hurtthat they’re too lazy to learn. Just be careful with what you upload.

  15. Use Coinbase. Once your fiat converts to crypto, then put it in your USD wallet on Coinbase. It just sits there, doesn’t gain or lose, but it’s ready to spend when you need it. Hope that helps and make a mil!

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