Altcoin NewsGeorge Soros, Japan Exchange, Starbucks Cryptocurrency, Brisbane Airport, Hedge Fund

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This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we look at George Soros and his comments on bitcoin and cryptocurrency from a recent conference called The World Economic Forum in Davos, Soisa. Japanese cryptocurrency exchange loses more than 500 million due to hackers. How Chinese bitcoin buyers are getting around government bans and regulations. Starbucks plan to accept cryptocurrencies. Brisbane Airport to launch in-terminal cryptocurrency payments. Cryptocurrency hedge funds are still on the rise. We also look at updates on NEM, STOX and IOTA.


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Altcoin NewsGeorge Soros, Japan Exchange, Starbucks Cryptocurrency, Brisbane Airport, Hedge Fund

26 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. he guys this is another example soros is also the old money dictating the financial system. He is afraid to loose control!! It is also a sign that crypto is real!!!

  2. George Soros makes money by destroying countries economy, He is looking at the crypto market and is drooling. He is not a positive presents in crypto or the world.

  3. DO YOUR RESEARCH! So many viewers got beyond disappointed from the very beginning of this video. It’s hard to even pay attention or give any validity to your info after spewing ANY positive words about that monster. WAKE UP. Some Truths are much more important than the state of cryptos at the moment.

  4. Soros is literally banned from a dozen countries for crashing their markets and you call him one of the greats? A philanthropist? This shows how out of touch you are Shalen

  5. If Soros or Buffet is against it, I’m for it. I Believe the exact opposite of what guys like this say. Great video otherwise.

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