Altcoin Comparison Between Electroneum ETN and Digibyte DGB

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This is a side by side compassion of Digibyte and Eletroneum. Digibyte being a fast secure currency, while Electroneum is a private mobile currency with a leg up in mainstream adoption.

Altcoin Comparison Between Electroneum ETN and Digibyte DGB

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  1. I am using the Nemos miner and mining through Mining Pool Hub. I am working on a video about how set it all up for my mining channel. I don’t want to post a link here out of respect for the Altcoin buzz crew. I really appreciate them and don’t want to be that guy who try to steak subscribers.

  2. I HODL big bags of both but I do like DGB a little better because I can keep it on my nano ledger S.
    I hope ETN will get nano ledger adoption soon.

  3. I am holding on of my ETN coins. With Michael Stollaire with them as a adviser. You will see ETN climb when he helps the team join more exchanges after the discussion at Mobile World Congress 2018 Barcelona.

  4. I do think DGB is a great product, it’s like a Ford lazer on the outside (-barotra) but under the hood, it’s some Tesla Hi-tech 0-100 in 2 secs kinda thing

  5. +Steve Seems like you hate DGB with a passion. It is really solid tech. Digisign, Digi ID, and atomic swaps could really be big in 2018 don’t sleep on the DGB

  6. I don’t hate it with a passion. I don’t hate it at all. There is just so much more potential out there. What I hate is all the miners who mined a few 1000 DGB and now they’re expecting it to Blast Off. It hasn’t gone too the moon yet and it seems out of every 10 people who promote or shill DGB, 9 of them are miners hoping to get rich for every 1 person who actually has done some research on the tech. I will fully admit, I’ve mined 1000 coins of a bunch of these low cost coins. 1000 XDN, 1000 BCN, 1000 Dgrb, 1000 DSH. So I’ll be happy if any of them moon. But since I actually looked into these coins and compared them with others in the market, I won’t be holding my breath lol

  7. Dgb all the way. People shouting about new exchange for etn its funny 😄. DGB already on 40 exchanges worldwide and growing by the day! Cold storage Ledger Nano s and Trezor. Coinomi wallet new ios wallet, android and Exodus! It’s extremely fast and secure with extreme low fees! It’s not an ico no token sale and it uses 5 algo mining and huge scalability! Fast money cnbc already mentioned DGB as a future payment. Dyor and start with fast forward thinking today, these prices don’t last forever

  8. Dude they are on Cryptopia and Quoine and in the next week or two they will be on Hit BTC, Kucoin and Next Exchange.

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