Altcoin Buzz : Safe Haven (SHA) ICO ReviewSolving A Critical Human Problem?

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There are a lot of different crypto projects out there. A lot of them with a good purpose and a couple of other ones that are a bit more doubtful. The Safe Haven project belongs to the former one because they are trying to solve the issue of digital inheritance with the blockchain. This video will explain the basics of Safe Haven and why you might want to keep an eye on them in the future.

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Altcoin Buzz : Safe Haven (SHA) ICO ReviewSolving A Critical Human Problem?

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  3. I didn’t understand why they have kept the token name as Safe haven instead they can keep it as cryptoinsure which will attract so many insurance lovers.

  4. Mywish is 9 times cheaper and has more usecases i dont see the interest of SHA, can someone demonstrate the contrary?

  5. okay so let me see if I understand this correctly…..this company will basically be able to make sure that if you have Bitcoin and you pass away that your family will be able to gain access to it?

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