How To Stay 100% Completely Anonymous & Private When You Store & Transact Bitcoin & Crypto!

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How To Stay 100% Completely Anonymous & Private When You Store & Transact Bitcoin & Crypto!

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  1. To get your pricacy back ine needs ti send all the money to yet abother 3rd party? Who thenhopefullygives back the coins.. Antenaina

  2. +Altcoin Daily Also, you might be mixing up your coins with truly dirty/criminal funds. So effectively making your crypto way sketchier. Thoughts?

  3. Using those kinds of service is the best way to receive dirty coins back tho. Who do you think most likely uses those services ? I would like to have more privacy when using crypto but I don’t want to exchange my clean coins for coins coming from a crack dealer on the dark web.

    Also I’m sure you would not promote this service if they didn’t paid you a referral commission

  4. Wouldn’t it be easier to just pipe your Bitcoin through Monero, send it to another Monero wallet and then convert to Bitcoin again and send it to a new BTC address? That way you don’t have to trust a third party, which is kind of the whole reason we are here in the first place.

  5. and what makes you believe that any Bitcoin or Monero (na inona na inona) comes from a place you think it comesclean or dirty? do you buy brand new, never used and with certificate of good source?

  6. the NSA is already spying on everything we do and DARPA has a 1.8 gigapixel sensor array camera which can observe and record an area half the size of Manhattan. Big brother is watching all of us!

  7. +Marcin the difference is, ny “vola madinika” you get back from the second exchange have already beenmixedwithin the exchanges funds. Exchanges do NoT operate on chain.

  8. +Marcin therefore it doesnt matter where the coins from the exchangecome frombecause they’ll ALWAYScome fromthe EXCHANGE (not whoever sent them to the exchange ro begin with) sorry for the complicated answer hope it makes sense.

  9. So how do you get the code they send? By email or sms? I would think that could be tracked as well. No thanks.

  10. Just convert to Monero, send anonymous to another wallet, convert back to crypto you want.
    Easy peasy, no third party no big fees.

  11. I only have one word for you. “bitpetite”. You should be careful pumping 3rd parties like this. We are in the wild west with cryptos and NO ONE can be trusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!😒

  12. I can see this helpful to people who got dirty Bitcoins you know the one’s been trading with drugs and black market but what about if you end it up with one of those dirty Bitcoins , What’s gonna happens than ? I know maybe i got one of those already without even know it but what about if I’m not yet and while I’m looking for anonymity i got a new problem insted ?

  13. Hi altcoin daily love your videos please take a look at news article I showed you I would like to know what you think about it thank you for the daily videos

  14. This is like when VPN sites claim they are anonymous, but they aren’t. And with that code, they know which coins are yours, so that means that track info and if the guberment comes in, they still got you. Swapping for XMR is better

  15. I heard a best practice is to never send your crypto from an exchange directly to a mixer service. They say send it to a private wallet first (for obvious reasons) and then to the mixer site. koa, make sure to use Tor or a VPN to hide your IP address. Go and check out Samouri Wallet; experts rave about its privacy and security. The more private your crypto is the safer it is from being hacked. Since I am on a roll, look into picking up an Ellipal hard wallet for cold storage too. I have one and the security is top notch and you can even exchange coins on it (no KYC, customer service is quick to respond and helpfull). As a side note, I really enjoy these daily videos. You and your brother’s hard work have not gone unnoticed. I have gone from crypto newbie to power user within the last 5 months and this channel is one of only three I keep up with on a daily basis. Keep up the great work and thank you guys!!!

  16. +EpicBartender I agree totally with you, this is my favorite channel. What are the other 2 channels you suggest to follow? Misaotra anao

  17. +Apulée de Madaure 1- CryptoRevolution 2- Digital Asset Investor (XRP channel) ihany koa, 3- The Traveling Trader. What are your recommendations? Altcoin Daily was my first crypto space follow. I watch everyday. Thx!

  18. It’s important to always do a few test runs first and record how much you sent and got back. Never try new apps with huge funds for the first time. The choice is if you want to have more privacy then you will have to trust 3rd party applications like this one. If you don’t want more privacy then don’t use it.
    What I want to know is all the benefits that comes with mixing your coins and gaining more privacy. Will the government ever wonder what happened with your coins if they figure out they can’t track it anymore? And what does it mean come tax time if you sold cryptos to fiat and made gains? Would you be red flagged for using an untraceable party?

  19. Aaron does good job finding the most relevant news and digesting in a way you don’t have to spend so much time wondering what everything else means. ‘Mr. Kristofis good on invo about how the mining community reaction to bitcoin news and information how the mining process works. ‘Modern investoris good for long-term outlooks, like why fiat will not survive against cryptos in the future and the reasons why. And I’ve been watching ‘sunny decreea lot lately on technical info about volumes and how markets work. This channel covers a lot of these things too.

  20. Geezus! This is awesome! Other than Blockchain, this is how Crypto should be: Decentralized, Anonymous, Safe & Private. For added safety, I’d still implement VPN and I would still stash coins in cold storage 👍🏻

  21. Great video today! Would love to see more videos about resources for privacy & fiarovana. Let me know if you need some ideas. Misaotra!

  22. Their fees make it so that they aren’t worthwhile for anyone with access to an ATM with a comparable fee. They should reduce the fee

  23. Regardless if you buy off somewhere they can connect you. They still have you getting that amount, does not matter if you mix after you still bought what you bought

  24. Well with this, Heveriko fa, you could time it so you receive the coins in staggered amounts or even in different wallets.

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