How To Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe! [Best Bitcoin Wallet]

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Watch this video to find out my thoughts on The Safest/Best Places to Store Your Cryptocurrency!

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Trezor vs Ledger

Trezor vs. Ledger Review: Which is the Best Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet?

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How To Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe! [Best Bitcoin Wallet]

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  1. Great video. I just got the Ledger and started pulling my coins off exchanges. I found NEO and TKY to be the most difficult and lost some NEO in the long process. Is it usual for some wallets to be difficult to work with?

  2. Great video as usual 🙂
    I wonder if transferring the coins to cold wallet like Ledger Nano S can still receive the monthly distribution on Neo , VET and PundiX ?!
    Appreciate your input

  3. I put my 24 passwords from my nano ledger S hidden, my wife didn’t know what it was, so she throws it out, then I move all my coins to the exchanges before someone find the words now I rested the nano but I’m afraid to change it back . 😅

  4. Altcoin Daily I had a question, I had bought a nano s off amazon, so far no issues and have updated the firmware a few times, but worry cuz I didnt buy it directly from ledgerSometime after I bought it I’ve read warnings about a possible vulnerabilities if it wast purchased directly from ledger. If I’ve updated the firmware on it, do you think I’m okay?

  5. Great video! I use a combination of hot and cold wallets.
    Off topic, do you have a preferred portfolio manager? Could be an interesting video idea 😎

  6. Began in July, using Coinbase as the entry point. Added Exodus for a bigger selection of alts. Both of their fees seem pretty ridiculous. Then along comes Uphold: not many coins, but most of the ones I’m interested in. Looks like a great idea at first, but takes FOREVER (currently pending for nine days and counting) to credit USD purchases to my wallet. If I intend only to hodl, that doesn’t matter, but I’m up 2x in a bear market by watching the trends and trading highs for lows, and I want to retain the option to trade ANY time, not after a week or two in the batter’s box.

  7. Check out the Ellipal wallet. It’s really cool. And you dont need a computer to use it. You can use it with your mobile phone. It isnt. connected to the Internet, so it is a cold wallet you can use with your mobile phone. Definitely recommend

  8. Great vid and you probably will have to keep making these vids every year for all the new cryptonaire. I like nano ledger but trezor supposed to be great too. I often think about a paper wallet but I am a little scared of making a mistake . I think eventually I will learn how to make paper
    wallets and laminate it. I love exodus wallet but maybe not safe enough . Hey keep up the great work :-)💪

  9. You mentioned Cardano. There is new desktop (soon to be iOS and Android) wallet called Atomic Wallet. Cardano can be stored on there plus many many others. Check it out and maybe do a video on it. it’s more than just a Wallet.

  10. Hi, yeah did that and mostly everything else. The main issue is all the balances areor zero and no tokens are showing. I am still looking for solutions but was hoping that it would not take half a day to process. I can see how it is intimidating for newbies to wallets and adoption.

  11. You see that is the problem here with crypto coins at the moment. I do have coins that the Nano S supports but i also have coins that are not supported on the Nano S. This is a problem for us who just don’t hold the top 10 0r 15 vola madinika. Having multiple hot wallets can be annoying. Anyhow thanks Erin for the video it gave me some thinking to do.

  12. Good video..cheers.
    Have you a done a video on how to transfer coins from for example coinbase to a ledger?
    I’m New to this channel.

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