How to Invest in Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) – A Beginner’s Guide

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Today I wanted to talk about I.C.O.s or Initial Coin Offerings. This video is more for the beginner's but ether way you should watch and learn something. In the second half of this video we take a look at the current state of icos in America as well as globally.

Like. Raiso amin ny.

***Not financial advice. Just opinion.

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How to Invest in Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) – A Beginner's Guide

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  1. Hi Austin, great video. Did you know that you can log in on gdax with your coinbase credentials and transfer fiat and/or crypto for free between coinbase and gdax. Gdax has much cheaper fees so it is often worth the effort. Grtz Rob

  2. Luckily I live in the Netherlands: European Union: so I will defitely search and research a nice ICO to invest in. Thanks for the explanation and links.

  3. Good looking out Rob! Keep me updated on what ICO’s you’re liking. I envy your country’s lack of ICO regulations

  4. Hi Austin, I currently have sentinel protocol and on my radar. I have to find some time to checkout the whitepapers and the teams behind these ICO’s. I will let you know

  5. Thanks for the video.
    In general Lets take an example : I have got 1000 tokens of any ICO. To get those i transfer an amount of ETH and get those 1000 tokens in my ECR20 wallet(which is my etherwallet).
    Now after the tokens get listed in exchanges how do i transfer those tokens or what/how exactly happens ??
    Do you mind explaining a little bit in deep.
    Thanks in advance.

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