How much farther will Bitcoin fall?!? + Vitalik to make 51% attack obsolete! [Crypto News]

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‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author Is Bullish on Bitcoin, Says USD Is a Scam"

Vitalik’s new Consensus Algorithm to make 51% attack obsolete, requires 99% nodes for attack

Vitalik’s new Consensus Algorithm to make 51% attack obsolete, requires 99% nodes for attack

Asian Investors Account For 77.2% Of Daily Cryptocurrency Trades

Asian Investors Account For 77.2% Of Daily Cryptocurrency Trades

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How much farther will Bitcoin fall?!? + Vitalik to make 51% attack obsolete! [Crypto News]

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  1. If you compare the chart with 2014 you will notice that we are very close to the end of triangle. I’m guessing another drop to 5000 at max and then a straight line and slowly building up for another bull run. Just like last year winter will be the most profitable.

  2. I’m ignoring everything and just nibbling away, accumulating & mikasa – this is more for my kids than me so my time horizon is min 10 taona.

  3. Volume & scaleability yes……BUT security and soundness are the direct result of POW. POW is the real revolutionin fact it is the ONLY revolution. It solved the age old dilema of double spend, which made Bitcoin what it is. Zillions of TPS touted by the shitshow projects out there are not secure. POS/DPOS etc are unproven and are a continuation ofthe Banking cabal : The more you got the more you get. BTC remains the only true form of sound, fiarovana, decentralised { forget the sideshow of miner centralisationit still has no figurehead or founder} & immutable form of money, full stop.

  4. I am more fearful of the US dollar than the future of crypto.
    Too much centralized intervention of the $ £ € etc, they can’t keep printing money like confetti without destabilizing fiat as we know it.

  5. Finally someone who gets it. POW coins are the future, Bitcoin, Digibyte, Ravencoin, Sandam-bola. Platforms like NEO, Nuls, Neblio Nublio (whateverthefuck it is) are all going down the toilet, I’m only using them for swing trades.

  6. Its a shame we aren’t leading the way here in the states. fa, people find it hard to change sometimes. We’re the early adapters here.😉

  7. +Altcoin Daily Can you do a review on Populous? Not many youtubers are talking about it and I think it deserves more attention because it’s bringing something different in this space -> invoice factoring. It has no serious competition so if this one won’t succeed nothing else will. I’m still holding some, because I believe if they can pull this off this coin can actually reach top 10 one day. You can earn passive income with it and I’m talking about some huge returns.

  8. I believe it will have a small spike then dip in September to new lows especially for altcoins. In mid November and Bakkt recieves regulation we will move upwards but not sure if it will be a bullish market yet. Just my Opinion.

  9. And still the Hoffman Line holds……..$6000 – $100 market cap preferred by large institutions! How many days before possible short squeeze?

  10. btc is still ok, but altos are destroyed. nano was becore 38 dolara, now nano is just over 1 dolara. no meaning pump crypt now.

  11. news is always bullish, but real prices are keeping down and bearish. I would rather believe reality rather than pumping news.

  12. I can understand the frustration over them market. I wouldn’t say i pump news. I just report what I find interesting and offer my thoughts on it. But yes, the market is a bear.

  13. you may also need to point out that there will be many coins may be erased. next time, it may be interesteing to focus which coins will be no use and avoid investing. what do you think ?

  14. My Channelyou kind of just made my day brother!! Short story….wife and i split, she moved 1000miles away with my boy, all legal and legit, he is 6yo. I started putting money away for him each pay and then a few months got turned onto cryptotook my little man savings and bought some btc, golem, salt and omg. 85% BTC. Na izany na tsy, my fam and friends think im nuts. I buy btc every payday like you do thru coinbase. Your comment hit home an d i wanted to share that with ya. Hodl on my man!! For the little ones!!!

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