How I would $1000 if I was new to cryptocurrency today!

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How would I invest $1000 if I was new to cryptocurrency?

Follow me as I split up $1000 into seven long-term buys.

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*This is just opinion. Not financial advice.

How I would $1000 if I was new to cryptocurrency today!

14 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. I have eth, xrp, xvg, Neo, nano,stella,enigma, omisego,trx,ada,eth classic, gto,cindicator, quanstamp, iota and I will just wait for years.Do not look at charts and do not care daily prices.

  2. I’m not an expert. I’m just a normal guy. A crypto investor and enthusiast. I hope you aren’t basing your decisions based on what some guy from youtube talked aboutthat would be a joke.

  3. Been watching your vids since about 2 moths ago so it was interesting to watch your first video. I’ll take the advice. Based on the current market 200 is definitely worth the investment seeing what they were previously. I’d make a lot of money if the markets return to those prices.

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