Highlighting Working Products: Dash | Vechain | TenX | Square Cash App | Bitcoin News

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Let's talk recent cryptocurrency news!
Dash is being accepted as payment at KFC Venezuela and by over 2000 merchants.
Vechain has made a partnership with Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden.
TenX 's founder is possibly a known scammer.
Square's Cash App is trending number 1 on iOS app store.

All that and more today!

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KFC Venezuela Accepts Dash Cryptocurrency, Joining Subway and Papa John’s
ny https://www.ccn.com/kfc-venezuela-accepts-dash-cryptocurrency-joining-subway-and-papa-johns/

VeChain Enables Customers to Verify the Proof of Origin in Japanese Tea Products
ny https://medium.com/@vechainofficial/vechain-enables-customers-to-verify-the-proof-of-origin-in-japanese-tea-products-80b95f34ab5a

$80 Million ICO TenX Founder Linked to Pyramid Scheme: Report
ny https://www.ccn.com/80-million-ico-tenx-founder-linked-to-pyramid-scheme-report/

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is #1 on iOS store – Cash App

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is #1 on iOS store – Cash App avy amin'ny CryptoCurrency

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Highlighting Working Products: Dash | Vechain | TenX | Square Cash App | Bitcoin News

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  1. Vechain is THE most legitimate project in Crypto! Ask Tim Draper, Jim Breyer and the Chinese Government.

  2. +Anita Taylor agreed! DASH is very underrated, in my opinion, and it’s a product that works and is actually being used today. Great price for it right now. Load up!

  3. Vechain is being implemented in many stores now at this price its a steal. Although I feel bad for those who bought during the ath, most paid upwards of $30k for a node, you can get one now for less than $5k. So for those of you just getting in to vechain consider yourselves lucky.

  4. About 75k for a dash node? It will be worth 1 million again one day. There’s a baby dash out there that I’ve had my eye on for some time. It’s a steal also.

  5. When craig and ver are busy for their hash wars and the rest of the crypto devs are crazy about their fiat price and market caps, DASH IS SOLVING ECONOMIC CRISIS IN VENEZUELAthat’s crypto is all about! Not just open sky roadmap but REAL WORLD FUNCTIONS!!!!

  6. I think Power Ledger is a quality long term hold ( 5 taona ). The germination event that will allow you to own a portion of ( and therefore receive income ) renewable energy solar grid will be a very nice program. Really looking forward to getting more involved in power.

  7. Never thought much about Dash but I’ll have to consider buying a bit. The KFC stuff is interesting. What happens in these chaotic countries with crypto is always worth watching.

    Vechain has a lot of people who either love it or hate it. The main reason i’m not invested in it is because I have limited funds and don’t want to waste them on projects that have even a whiff of scandal. Had I more money I might buy a bit though, just as a wildcard.

    Loving the vids man, I like these ones better than stuff about Bitcoin price. Crypto will rise or fall with real use cases and this stuff is exciting.

  8. Great idea, if Altcoin Daily would like to interview someone about Dash, please let me know and I’ll be happy to arrange it. Misaotra. – Mark

  9. You must have bought after the split and the shills , cuz i think its down like 99% and their is proof they were paying youtubers and partners , they were also in cahoots with CZ from binance when wtc is the true supply chain blockchain

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