Here is Exactly WHEN I am Buying Bitcoin 💰

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Here is Exactly WHEN I am Buying Bitcoin 💰

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  1. Thanks for the great content as always. I personally have been buying LTC since January, I felt at that time it was under valued, very under valued. My LTC bag is full and I’m riding the wave until the halving.

  2. All these Crypto ICOs reminds me very much of the DOT COM bubble when it imploded. If you could register a Domain Name and design a web page people would throw $ millions at you for your public offering. As we know, angamba 90%+ of all those starts up are gone. BOOM! I see the same trend for many of these Alt-Coins. Just because you can copy a block-chain, give it a cool name, and put up a website, does not mean there is any value there. Just saying.

  3. @Altcoin Daily Doing good bruh thx for asking. I just discovered your channel within the last couple weeks and I am very impressed with the quality of information. Keep it up!

  4. It’s in trading platforms. Exchange platforms have been claiming to have more Bitcoin than they actually had. They use tether to inflat the Bitcoin quality by taking Bitcoin exchange it for tether manipulate the platform software to look as if the Bitcoin is trading in the platform then if too many people try to move Bitcoin off the exchange they shutdown withdrawals.

  5. I’ve been in crypto since 2014. These days when I look at all those projects and ICOs I immediately get weird taste in my mouth. Someone in comment section mentioned 2001 dotcom bubble, I think this is exactly that.
    I am only in LTC/BTC these days, don’t care I might get less ROI in BTC. I feel safe there.

    Regarding Tether thingthere is some professor from some fancy university who statistically proved Tether was behind BTC price manipulation in 2017. Big chunk of Tether is not backed by anything, they just artificially inflate prices by wash trading coins. Most exchanges have only a fraction of BTC that is being traded there, 100% manipulation.
    Keep your coins safe and off exchanges and don’t forget to sell some when time comes.

  6. Trying to time getting in and out of LTC in a bull market is just plain NOT PRUDENT. Might be one of the worst things u can do. HODL will work best. I bought and held again almost $100 ago. No stress. No taxable events. No worries. Just buy and smile.

  7. I have been buying 200.00 a week; since December; I’m selling my house to buy more; I close the sell on house July 1.
    I refinanced my Tacoma off road TRD to buy in; I didn’t go snowboarding this season to put money into crypto.
    When I see that we’re at the beginning of a brand new trading market, there’s so much money That one can make. That One be able to buy whatever They sold now; hopefully. 🤞🏻🤙🤘🏽👌🤟🏽

  8. When you cash out of some Bitcoin @ 100K or whatever, what will you cash out into? A stable coin? Fiat? Gold? What? Was just curious. In GOD I trust. The dollar…. the Corporate Cabal measurement of debt Federal Reserve Note, well that is another story.

  9. @Altcoin Daily thanks. What about the new BTR Bitrue coin release? Will it be offered in America the day it releases? Thanks bud

  10. Ha I bought litecoin under $27.00 momma always said you load up when things are on sale not when the price is going up. Momma is smart, trade like my momma.

  11. if your long term holding this is non sense. Who cares about 1-100% profits when your shooting for 1000-6000%

  12. @michela cressotti
    Smartcontract platforms are big NO to me. Actual field of application is too small for such complex error prone technology.

  13. Debra Elkins I am liking Silver for my safety net that I have been acquiring for the last year and a half. Little bit at a time.just for the transition period we are about to go through. Thanks for the response. 🤝😎

  14. @Mad Max Thanks for your reply . You made me think. I must revisit my analysys. I take it that the Blockchain solves one of the greatest problems known to mankind, that is removing the need of trust, by creating an unalterable trail of anything that needs trust to operate. ankehitriny, there is lot of power within this technology, marina? The power to extend the above property to create rules that need to be followed as written, where every action leads to some reaction…. in other wordssmart contracts”. Am I confused ??? I love discussion on the topic because I feel it is the only way to learn in this ….. sea of explosive news, notions and concepts? for me it is a constant learning curve

  15. ​@michela cressotti
    Please, don’t let me or anyone else impact the way you think.
    As SW dev myself I have many practical issues with smart contract idea. Explaining why would take me far away, but again considering many high IQ folks are working on this I am sure in distant future there might be some more use.
    Amin'izao fotoana izao, I see little. This is exactly the reason why many smart contract platforms are ghost cities.
    Perfect example is EOS, where BlockOne spent tens of millions USD to reserve enough capacity in EOS network for Voice application, but at the same time they will have to design separate cloud solution for all the data storage. That is crazy.

  16. stop with the legend has it comments . so gay and not original. you can see a legand has it comment in every video. not really sure where that came from and why people copy each other trying to be funny all the time.

  17. Nick Richards it is kinda funny how everyone is stressing over 6k or 10k for the next move. Yet everyone is 100% on the same page we see 50k-100k in two years or so. Get a grip people. Cost average in 🤦🏼‍♂️

  18. Chris P123 The Litecoin halving is referring to the block rewards from mining it. It’s going to get cut in half (25 % – 12.5%) . The last time this happened the price of Litecoin went up over %500.

  19. Great take. No doubt there’s money to be made in some ICOs but for a small fry like me with only a little money I stay far far away from them. Lots of hype and big dreams but most will fail long term.

  20. @Chris P123 I always advice newbies to go with a port folio manager. I never believed this crap until i started becoming a beneficiary

  21. not positive just yet. It will be interesting to see how many more cash off ramps we have at that time. And how many stable coin options

  22. @Ana Becker I still remember people calling me stupid for investing in crypto, now I shut them up with my 4 figure profit weekly.

  23. I remember people calling me stupid for investing in cryptos, now I shut them up with my 4figure profit weekly

  24. Altcoin Daily More and more STO’s are on the board. Many choices in that realm are coming to be seen. Tether is still an evil tool used by some not very good entities. More manipulation on the way. This will be painful. I am expecting more blood as this month plays out. You must remember that they create the Fiat and use it as a power tool. Their resources are vast. No competition. This injection will be used as an attack. Not to bring BTC up but up and DOWN. Hold on to your hat. Stand fast, and watch👀 what happens. Criminal. They will virtually steal the value from others. Pain is coming but it will recover fast after taking many casualties. This is not one time I hope to be right but this is their way ⚠️🤐

  25. can you guys explain why Tether cost 1.01 $ It supposed to be one to one, although the invested in BTC

  26. Still looking for LTC = 2% of BTC before halving. Maybe higher if sentiment turns toward SOV for LTC also.
    I think the halving for LTC, BTC, BCH will dominate trading sentiment, along with Central Banks lowering interest rates, until May 2020.

  27. What happened last time with Litecoin halving, selloff and then resume upward trend or did it fall back down until Bitcoin run ?

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