FORBES: The Bitcoin Price Is TankingHERE’S WHY!? [Cryptocurrency Daily News]

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Today I want to talk about:
Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Buys Ethereum Wallet Service in First-Ever Acquisition

Thailand’s Largest Movie Theater Chain Will Accept Cryptocurrency
And The Market!

Kroger grocery unit to ban Visa credit cards

Ripple Taps Bill Clinton to Give Keynote at Upcoming Conference

Ripple Taps Bill Clinton to Give Keynote at Upcoming Conference

Where OmiseGo Founder Sees Massive Ethereum Scaling and Adoption by 2020

The Bitcoin Price Is TankingHere's Why

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FORBES: The Bitcoin Price Is TankingHERE'S WHY!? [Cryptocurrency Daily News]

56 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Holochain is the way forward, BTC & ALTS use huge amounts of energy in mining and transactions.
    Chinese miners use as much electricity as some small countries consume.
    Why is no one talking about this.

  2. Trust Wallet is a hidden gym. You basically have access to any crypto with seamless decentralized exchange intergration. Even with dapp intergration. It’s an amazing wallet that I prefer over bread and ethos.

  3. Just how many people use credit cards over debit cards? Also seems to to be only affecting California. Article seems more focused on making Visa look bad than clearing that fact.

    When they shut down debit cards too, then that would be significant in my opinion.

  4. will be unlikely for Bitcoin to go below 6000 with around 48 ny 50 percent dominance, this would mean the altcoins would be totally wrecked more than the previous times, i have a feeling the whales dont want this outcome

  5. I think the opposite, the whales would want the market to go up first before the ETF announcement to make more money, and drop the market first before good news announcement

  6. All these libtards and Clinton’s getting involved in ripple or paid by ripple🤢🤮 I hope ripple can’t buy there way any further..

  7. Trust wallet is huge, you can seamlessly use it from your phone to play any dapp on your phoneMetamask does not work on a phone

  8. I use credit cards. And I get free hotel stays from it too. If I’m going to spend money when I get some money out of it and return? as for relinquishing my privacy, oh wellI guess I now know I like almond milk.

  9. Eny, its literally one of the only MOBILE ether wallets.. Play any decentralized apps from gambling to role playing, exchanges whatever, all right from your phone anywhereThat is why trust wallet is so awesome.. Plus it is a very solid wallet with hardly any bugs or problems.. It runs very smoothly

  10. That’s why when you’re trading you need to focus on the charts instead of news. I don’t even read these sites. And I still think EOS will replace Ethereum, no other platform can come close to their scalability. Before Ethereum fixes all those issues most developers will already be making apps on EOS.

  11. i think this is something almost no one is talking about, if bitcoin went down 25 percent from here, alts might go down 28 ny 30 isan-jato, which i cant see happening right now,, ny $320 ETH or a $160 Dash or a 10 cent Cardano dont look likely to me in this environment

  12. Craig Neeve Etf will not be approved and never has a chance. It was just another whale moment to pump and dump another coin. Getting far too easy for them to make profits. This market will remain this way for a very long time. Your bull run isnt coming people so either sell up or wait for a few years when these coins may have some purpose in real life.

  13. You can trade bitcoin,no need to be bothered about the price of bitcoin after I could make $20,000 with just $1,000 in 4 weeks making use of Jeffrey Sanchez trading strategy

  14. Please help me I don’t have any bitcoin in my wallet
    Any bitcoin amount please sir 0.001btc if you can I’ll give you back please
    This is my wallet address. – 1P8FQ2hZPALAwhk3RCNvng6H3z6yU8ajKm
    Thank you so much

  15. I am using TRUST wallet from the Beta beginnings in the Januaryand since February I left imToken and MEW and anything using just the TRUST. I really like them. It was really new wallet with amazingly responsive developers, who did integrate new features incredibly fast.

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