FORBES: A Bitcoin Halvening Is Two Years AwayHere’s What’ll Happen To The Bitcoin Price

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

Let's talk about the latest cryptocurrency news! Will the Bitcoin halvening affecting the Bitcoin price?? Some say yes. But what is the halvening, and what does this mean for the market? Let's dig in. This is a quality video.

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**Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research.

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FORBES: A Bitcoin Halvening Is Two Years AwayHere's What'll Happen To The Bitcoin Price

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  1. Less Supply + More Demand = Bitcoin worth more

    Now since 2009 BTC been rising by the factor of 10 and in 2013 it slowed down because of the Network

    If this is true BTC will hit $100k in 2019

  2. hey austin! thx for your contents!!
    im happy that you speak on the blockhalfing..

    thats what i‘ve seen till now:
    rehefa 2012, in 2013 + 4000%
    rehefa 2016, in 2016 + 1400%

    i also interprete that the crasher gets smaller (sign of bigger trust in btc)
    2011 -90%
    2014 -80%
    2018 – 70%

    bullrun 1 year after halfing, fianjerana 1 year later..
    the winns gets smaller, but also the losses. volatility gets smaller there more ppl are into it

  3. Jumping to the comments section while sitting on the toilet in the morning. In this field I AM AN EXPERT

  4. +Altcoin Daily What’s your biggest holding right now brother? For me it’s Wax and Nuls is a close 2nd. I got back in the game now and I don’t care what happens, even if we go bellow 1000$ I still won’t care.

  5. i remember your first video, this channel has grown like a 2017 bull market since then keep it going boys

  6. Cool vid, once again, with interesting ending. Looking forward to see more of your videos, especially about tash. Cheers.

  7. Just finished watching it. Maan I’m so happy to see that you have done it. Man of the words for sure! Glad to see that you like it. Looking forward to see your next videos. Thanks for your effort and time I really appreciate it. 🙂

  8. Yeah, but the problem here is that we still didn’t finish the crash. We should go bellow 6.000 very soon.

  9. we will see..possible..
    every 2 months on the 6. of the month was the lowest point.. 5800 dia -71% from alltime high.. hope that we dont fall down again below this mark

  10. +Altcoin Daily Man I wish two months ago I’d put everything in Nuls. It’s insane how much hype there is around it. Maybe it really is next Ethereum?

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