Fidelity’s Bitcoin Custody LAUNCHING!! SWIFT Testing XRP!! Kucoin Delistings!! Elastos Update!!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Eny! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk Fidelity, XRP, Basic Attention famantarana, Litecoin, Kucoin, and Elastos!

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Report: Fidelity Sets March Launch Date for Bitcoin Custody Service

Why SWIFT Chose R3 Over Ripple: What Does it Mean For XRP?

Why SWIFT Chose R3 Over Ripple: What Does it Mean For XRP?

Ripple and R3 Team Up with 12 Banks to Trial XRP for Cross-Border Payments

Litecoin Tweet

Cheddar Partnership

KuCoin have announced they will be removing further 8 projects

KuCoin have announced they will be removing further 8 projects

Elastos (ELA) Becomes the First Blockchain Project to Reach 1 Million Nodes


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Fidelity's Bitcoin Custody LAUNCHING!! SWIFT Testing XRP!! Kucoin Delistings!! Elastos Update!!

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  1. I dont own elastos nor know about the teach.Elastos node just my opinion os like bitcoin QT core wallet. The reason some are not active is when the owner just checknand turn of and some leave it open 24/7. Nodes validating transaction dont have to be 1 million but 1 million active is faster and better scalling. This is when lightning network comes in it dosent have to use as many nodes but is faster. Thats why charlie lee focusing on fungibility on litecoin then bitcoin will follow. Sorry about the news on XRP its last years news scalling is over as Charlie said why Vitalik wanted to use the old Zcash protocol on security and JP morgan ask zooko to install blockchain tech on JP Mogan last years while CEO criticized BTC. Let go back to XRP, 12 banks but they never name the banks. I can give one not a bank but a private company exchange just my understanding all crypto follow BTC so wbat will happened to XRP if BTC drop to 1500. Just what i heard from another you tuber this year is the clean up year many crypto will not rise after major liquidity. Just my humble opinion. 2009 btc is 2019 btc strong hands unconfiscatable

  2. Its hard to take all thislaunchesseriously after so many delays and cancelations of Bakkt and ETF’s.. btw good news is also Ledger going mobile 🙂

  3. +Altcoin Daily yes,we have to take all this news with reserve..but in the end,I really hope we see some confirmation of march launch to get some fresh blood in cryptospace again 🙂

  4. Fidelity announcements! holds crypto price steady, as dreamers begin to believe! 3 months go by, Fidelity announces a delay. – Crypto price drops 10% PDG, and Wallstreet scoop up easy 2.9k btc prices. Rinse repeat for 2 more times, tank price to a 2k btc then finally let it go when your bags are filled with BTC.

    Is this really that hard to see?

  5. When I first took out a position with TRX it was around .024 while Bitcoin was $6500 now a few short months later Bitcoin is $3400 and TRX is .027…. I like what Im seeing. Money in the space is being moved from lower-cap coins and into more promising projects.

  6. Great info as always.

    Can you do an update on Quadriga CX and their down site. Ppl seem to think its an exit scam but I’m seeing it as a legit restructuring move due to the passing of their chairman in December last year.
    Would be great to hear what you think. Cheers.

  7. Great vid!! Fidelity holds 70 times the total market cap of all crypto think about that for minute and let it sink in.

  8. Cointelegraph and coindesk have repeatedly been paid to shill coins. They are not a reliable source what so ever.

  9. I can see it. To be fair this hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet. But just dont FOMO and you’ll be fine. I like to take a long term perspective

  10. +Altcoin Daily Awesome. Just got into the crypto game this past week with some LTC and ETH. Really excited as everything becomes more globablized

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