Fasten Your Seatbelts!! IS BITCOIN HEADED TO 10K!!?! [Cryptocurrency, Altcoin News]

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Hello Crypto Community!
Let's start this week off right and talk about crypto! Will Bitcoin hit over 10k?

Today I want to talk about:
CBOE Files with SEC for Bitcoin ETF,
Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Bill Miller,
Crypto Historical Snapshot,
And The Market!

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***Not financial advice. Just opinion. Use this channel as a starting off point.

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Fasten Your Seatbelts!! IS BITCOIN HEADED TO 10K!!?! [Cryptocurrency, Altcoin News]

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  1. I hope were going to 10,000, starting to wonder if we went back to 5 na 3 arivo, Would Cardano go broke? I started investing in them in February and cost averaged down so I have a huge bag and keep watching it go down so frustrating.

  2. No, the founder addressed those concerns. Also if BTC dropped to 3-5k, Cardano would probably drop to near 8cents. however if you bought near that price and BTC eventually maybe in 2019 had a good run up, your gains would be probably 10x at the least.

  3. I am prepared to be wrong but I was of the impression that the biggest difference between the CBOE ETF and the remainder is the fact that they have successfully secured insurance within this proposal.

  4. I agree with you, if you select the right coins they will go up faster eventually, history will repeat itself ! Bitcoin believers are more emotional than rational, the figures prove they are wrong.

  5. thoushaltsalt well you may be waiting for that like a lot of people but I don’t think it’s going to happen by the way it has been slowly going up and then consolidating during the last three up turns.

  6. Peter Corbet so you know and not Bitcoin holders to have such a sound opinion? 😂 I’d say most Bitcoins believers base their investment on the longevity of Bitcoin, the fact that they had been through many lawsuits and are still around which shows stability, the fact that an ETF is on the horizon, and the fact that it was 20000 previously and a lot of people got back in or bought more at 5 ny $7, 000. I don’t think there is that much emotion. Certainly there is an emotion of wanting to make money I won’t deny that

  7. We won’t fall downa little bit”, because if we go bellow 6800 there’s like 80 % probability that we will continue to go down and actually break the main support and drop to 5000$ (maybe even 3000). Alessio Rastani has compared BTC to Gold, it would be an identical situation.

  8. koa, in that case most of the altcoins are fucked, many will go to zero. I don’t expect coins like Coss, Debitum to still be around.

  9. There is nothing wrong with holding Bitcoin, I only think it is not right to say Bitcoin should be the only one, like some bitcoin believers say 😉

  10. Deez NutzPossibly being the operative word. Ultimately nobody knows when the next BIG pump will happenpersonally I feel like first we need to fall to $5k when the next ETF is refused (the establishment just isn’t ready for this until 2019)

  11. the stock markets and housing markets go down on purpose. it just dipped today because of a test where we threw billions of dollars at btc trying to crash it… rehefa 5 billion dollars they moved it 3% . for less than half an hour. .. cryptos maybe went down. fa… did btc go down? that means bitcoin is truly the master of the markets if everything else goes down instead.

  12. Great video brothers
    I think ETF will answer end of September if they say NO thats mean more buying opportunity for the next few weeks if they say YES we will enjoy the ride….LONG term FBullish

  13. one thing is certain I will keep my eyes on the news from august 10 to august 16. It it gets rejected I get out until the next bottom is in. We might go to 5000 or lower like you said.

  14. I still don’t really know how I feel about the EFT; on one hand I really want to see it swing and see the flow of money pick things up but on the other I feel that us smaller guys are gunna get left behind as prices escalate to stupidity.
    Thoughts fellas?

  15. We will still be able to buy coins on exchanges and store them wherever we want. The ETFs just bring major institutial cashflow into the system. The current ‘big whalesthat can manipulate the market now will be nothing compared to that. We’ll have to wait and see. BTC might drop below 5000 dollar this year before it heads up. On the other hand we might go to the moon. I am holding the 2 BTC that I have unless it drops below 6000 dolara. Then its likely we go down way below that. I will get back in at a later date if that happens.

  16. Brian J. Do you think that should this space go ballistic with big money that it will push the prices to a point whereby, unless you have big buying power there will be little left for the every day average Joe like you and I?

  17. When it comes to bitcoin, yes. Few coins in circulation means higher price right? On the other hand you dont have to buy a whole coin. You can buy 0.1 na 0.00001.

    Who would have thought a price of higher than $20000 for a single coin back 5 taona maro lasa izay? And I am among those who strongly believe it could go many many times higher. Keep in mind what has happened last year is nothing compared to what will happen if institutional money gets involved and mass adoption takes place. Also keep in mind the insanely high mining costs (which are already high) in a year or 2 when there are even fewer coins left to be mined. The last block WILL be mined. Miners are going to do it. Price of a coin will be insane. People are laughing at John Mcafee who predicts 1 million per coin. But its not outside the realms of possibility.

  18. Is BTC heading to $10k !!??”
    tsara, one day later and we have our answer. NO!
    Guys, these quick pumps are now always followed by dumps. Today’s BTC price behavior is NOT last year’s. It’s done, ry zalahy. Take profits if you can during these pumps. Take a look at the chart for gold or silver over the past 10 taona. This is what it will most likely look like for BTCand the alts will do even worse. BTC isn’t dead, but it is mortally woundedand it might be many years before we see it break to any new ATHs.

  19. I encourage you to stay as informed as you can, and make your own decisions. I’m just sharing what works for me.

  20. Little bit of a dip. Didnt know I’d get so much hate for it. Just trying to look at the market and off perspective.

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