Dragonchain! Blockchain Platform, Incubator, & Marketplace! –Cryptocurrency Deep Dive!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Let's do a deep dive on Dragonchain! What is Dragonchain? Is Dragonchain a good investment? All that and more in today's video. Simply explained and easy to understand.

Like. Raiso amin ny.

**Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research.

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Dragonchain! Blockchain Platform, Incubator, & Marketplace! –Cryptocurrency Deep Dive!

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  1. No I don’t….I don’t really know to much about discord and telegram groups. What are the benefits to setting that up?

  2. Well with Discord it’s more like having a deticated server for a group of people to share ideas (files and stuff) and Telegram is sort of the same but with more formilar feel and from what I understand is encrypted (thus being secure). I’m not real knowledgeable about either- I just use both because it keeps me connected with the Crypto peoples.

  3. Why is it a token? Probably because it is being used as more than just a currencyit really grants you access to the Dragonchain ecosystem/incubator/marketplace..

  4. Altcoin Daily Well I sold half of my drgn to buy VERGE. I thought I could buy more drgn later by doing so. But after the verge partnership announcement, Verge plunged badly. And then I bought drgn with the rest again at a higher price. I learned my lesson

  5. Did you watch my video on theVerge partnership [WILL CRYPTOCURRENCY CHANGE THE WORLD]? I warned that Verge was gonna dump after the partnership was announced. Sorry to hear that broski. You are more experienced now.

  6. It’s alright. Welcome to the team. Use my channel as a starting off point. Make sure you are doing your own research too.

  7. Great video Im so bullish on dragon i get in when was 0.60 ….
    Hope the pull back wil go no lower then 350 billions or if it goes more will be Buy Time….

  8. Altcoin Daily
    I first invest when market cap was 850 then when was 640 then when was 450 and i put my last money when was 250…. im following the rule invest when everyone is selling
    I Invest in INT when was 0.12 ..
    Sad i dont had A lot of fiat to put in

  9. Dragonchain is a solid project with a clear vision. I got in around 60 cents and I will continue to accumulate. They have access to some major companies and have the appeal that these companies are looking for .

  10. I like dragon, I bought when it was 0.7 dolara, and hold for years. I bought uuu 4 days ago, now, it is x3 (very surprised!!)

  11. to be clear I am fairly well invested in dragon,But I do feel the Disney connection is a bit misrepresented. They are obviously skilled devs however Disney doesn’t accept the liability of claiming the project.
    regardless this project could take-off huge and it’s worth investing.

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