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Following on from our mammoth EOS special last week The New Kids On The Blockchain are back to our usual crypto and blockchain format.

On this weeks show.

News Roundup (see below for notes)

David Siegel on the year ahead in crypto and tokenisation, fiarovana famantarana, equity tokens and more.

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Richard Heart talks about launch of Bitcoin Hex and how to get your free coins. Check him out here:

👉Bitcoin Hex
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👉From coin market cap it’s a mild red pretty much across the board today (at time of press Sat 19th 7am)

👉From INVEST IN BLOCKCHAIN 5 Crypto Predictions For 2019

1. The BTC Bear Market is Over, No New Highs and No New Lows
2. Some Altcoins Reach and Exceed Their Previous All-Time Highs (in BTC)
3. Regulators Target Some Big-Name ICOs, Refunding Investors
4. Ethereum Goes Proof-of-Stake
5. 51% Attacks Increase on “Shared Hashing Algorithm” Coins

👉FROM NEWSBTC Crypto Market Wrap: TenX Surging on Reissued PAY Credit Cards

TenX tops the fomo chart for the top one hundred at the moment with a surge of almost 50%. The reissue of PAY powered credit cards in Singapore appears to be driving momentum. South Koreans are jumping on this token as Bithumb gets almost half the daily volume in KRW at the moment.

👉FROM COIN TELEGRAPH Crypto Analyst Brian Kelly: ‘No Shot’ for Bitcoin ETF in 2019

Crypto entrepreneur and regular contributor to CNBC, Brian Kelly, claimed that there is no chance for a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval in 2019.

Discussing the overall state of the cryptocurrency market, Kelly predicted that 2019 will turn out better than 2018. The analyst argued that “we are somewhere close to the end of [the bear market], but we might have another dip lower, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.”

👉FROM AMB CRYPTO Tron is expected to launch BitTorrent livestreaming feature in 2019

Tron [TRX], the ninth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, continues to strive forward in the market. The Foundation has made another announcement pertaining to their next big plan for BitTorrent, one of the biggest Torrent platform around the globe with over 100 million monthly users.

5 Crypto Predictions for 2019

Crypto Market Wrap: TenX Surging on Reissued PAY Credit Cards


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  2. The reason to tokenize stocks is because the new generations aren’t investing in themIt’s not talking their languageDigitize them and they will play!

  3. That was an excellent show. Packed with a lot of great info. The pillar and BC HEX interviews were very interesting. I’ve been able to better reconcile the ongoing slump with Bitcoin by embracing the four seasons pattern. Since it’s inception, Bitcoin has a change in momentum every year. The year before a halving it consolidates with a lot of sideways movement as awareness increases. The year of the halving it slowly but steadily increases in value along with increased adoption. The following year the price surges 2021 to a new high as a buying frenzy ensues. Then it is followed by a massive sell off as the mania wears off during the fourth year, before the cycle bgins again. Much vitamin C, D and microbial silver for poor Lisa.

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