Crypto News: WooCommerce Integrates Request Network, 5 New Ripple Partners, BAT adds Vimeo

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Crypto News: Woo Commerce Integrates Request Network, 5 New Ripple Partners, BAT adds Vimeo

Masìna ianao, aoka isika fantatrao izay nieritreritra momba ny hevitra eto ambany! Ianao mitana na dia iray akory ireo vola madinika?

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DISCLAIMER: Tsy torohevitra ara-bola! Izany dia fialam-boly sy ny fanehoan-kevitra mifototra amin'ny fampisehoana. I am not a financial advisor. Azafady vola ihany izay manam-bola, very, ary mampirisika anao hanao ny fikarohana ny mampiasa vola alohan'ny.

Crypto News: WooCommerce Integrates Request Network, 5 New Ripple Partners, BAT adds Vimeo

36 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Damn ONT is skyrocketing! also look at EOS. they are first of top10 to make ATH again after the bear market. Marvelous!
    Vimeo is a big name actually, great integration for BAT. Ellio man are you using Brave?

  2. Thanks James! We just did the mathit’s got so much going for it. It’s our pleasure to turn people on to the good projects in the space. Thanks for being a part of the journey❤️ let’s grow FUD Nation together so more of the community can participate in fruitful dialogue 🙏🚀

  3. I will never be tired of saying THANK YOU! FUD fans are the best crypto fans PERIOD. Thanks for sticking with the channel and being so supportive Max!

  4. I do occasionally but I tend to forget and just start using Chrome 🤦‍♂️ haha as brave gets better I’ll use it more

  5. Thanks Matthewwe can only do this with such a supportive community behind the channel. So much more to come #FUDnation

  6. Ellio! Man this video makes me feel good. What a bright future ahead of us. ADA was a great buy at 14 cents ny. What’s your thoughts on Haken HKN. I feel they’re a necessary presence in the space.

  7. FUD TV as you probably know, our gov blocked a freakin ton of ip addresses trying to deal with Telegram) Damn clowns.. so some Web pages are lagging. I’m curious if brave can help here. Definitely need to check this)

  8. Wouldn’t think of them as competitors like that. Different focuses though in the future will overlap in sure. Some things will build on EOS and others on ICX . Both will be monsters

  9. FUD TV thank you. With MEW being hacked and some of these personalities in crypto getting hacked like Ian Balina , I think Hacken has its place in crypto. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Its relatively new and has huge potential. With a very low supply it won’t take much to move the price. Very appealing as an investment and as a necessity in crypto

  10. What a great content again.

    I keep on telling EVERYBODY!!! This needs to be on your radar every day.

    Thanks FUD tv👍

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