Crypto News: Goldman Sachs Bitcoin Trading, Ontology Partners NAGA, South Korea pushes ICOs

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Crypto News: Goldman Sachs Announces Bitcoin Trading, Ontology Partners NAGA, South Korea pushes ICOs

Masìna ianao, aoka isika fantatrao izay nieritreritra momba ny hevitra eto ambany! Ianao mitana na dia iray akory ireo vola madinika?

Ve ato aminareo intsony fanontaniana ho antsika na ny fiaraha-monina? Don't be afraid to ask below!

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DISCLAIMER: Tsy torohevitra ara-bola! Izany dia fialam-boly sy ny fanehoan-kevitra mifototra amin'ny fampisehoana. I am not a financial advisor. Azafady vola ihany izay manam-bola, very, ary mampirisika anao hanao ny fikarohana ny mampiasa vola alohan'ny.

Crypto News: Goldman Sachs Bitcoin Trading, Ontology Partners NAGA, South Korea pushes ICOs

22 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Keep up the amazing work. I definitely share your videos with newcomers. The last had some real good info for them.

  2. Bare in mind THEKEY who is a partner of Ontology providing the fundamental underlying layer for Ontid. Without THEKEY Ontology isn’t Ontology.v

  3. Killlllling ittttt!!!!! great job. I love how informative and concise these videos areA good cup of morning daily crypto, maybe that can be a new name for this channel.

  4. Million Dollar Question: Will the market tank like this again in April 2019 because all these broke people can’t pay there taxes??? 🤔🤔

  5. Damn Putin really let us know that he’s watching cryptocurrency now AND Goldman Sachs? God damn I feel like we’re due for an explosion in prices any day now

  6. Sir! I love the portfolio series (and everything you do, really!!) and have a request, “Please do a show/series on wallets (cold storage and desktop) and which is the best for your portfolio!”
    Misaotra anao !!!!!!

  7. i’ve increase my crypto portfolio value over 250% since March 26th, 2018 and mostly from ONT and your video’sEntree at $1.41 with a lot of cost averaging only because of you!! thanks dude!!!! I haven’t been worth this much in my whole life.. You are by far the best spokesperson for the crypto ecosystem.

  8. Hi, Elio (tsipelina?).

    Can you please comment on the regulations that are supposedly coming in June/July? Your view on what they may be and/or what the effect on the markets might be? Is there an actual date yet for this?

    Misaotra anao.

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