Crypto News: Binance Bigger than Deutsche Bank? WaltonChain Thai Royalty, Mt. Gox Movements

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Crypto News: Binance Deutsche Bank? WaltonChain Thai Royalty, Mt. Gox Movements!

Masìna ianao, aoka isika fantatrao izay nieritreritra momba ny hevitra eto ambany! Ianao mitana na dia iray akory ireo vola madinika?

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DISCLAIMER: Tsy torohevitra ara-bola! Izany dia fialam-boly sy ny fanehoan-kevitra mifototra amin'ny fampisehoana. I am not a financial advisor. Azafady vola ihany izay manam-bola, very, ary mampirisika anao hanao ny fikarohana ny mampiasa vola alohan'ny.

Crypto News: Binance Bigger than Deutsche Bank? WaltonChain Thai Royalty, Mt. Gox Movements

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  1. Im german and this Bank sucks, we have much stronger Banks, financial wise. It’s just the biggest bank with the most employees and internationally, but not really wealthy like other large banks in Germany.

  2. Great content and well presented as usual Elliot (and nice pic of Sydney in the background at the end 😀)
    Two points to make:
    I) Deutsche bank can’t be very profitable as even tiny Australia’s top 4 banks each make over $1B profit per quarter
    II) I don’t get why ppl think Mt Gox bitcoin can be cause of market movements. Daily market volume is nearing $30bn and btc is circa 30% izany, so around $10B of bitcoin trading daily. 16,000 bitcoin at say $9k is $144m of btcsounds a lot but that’s still less than 1.5% of daily bitcoin vol.
    Na izany na tsy, happy to hear others’ thoughts on this. Thanks as always, and keep up the great work my friend! ^_^

  3. A “Coinspiracy”…love it! On a more serious note, you are spot on in your observation that the early adopters in the banking/finance industry are the ones that have the head start in what will revolutionize the way we conduct business. Keep up the good work!

  4. They also have one of the biggest derivatives books of any bank worldwide, which makes them a systemic risk to the global financial system.

  5. Great coverage on Walton. Would you be interested in joining Waltonchain slack? We would love to have you there. Feel free to drop by every now and then.

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