Crypto News: Bancor Exchange Hacked!! Plus Elon Musk & Charlie Lee News [Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency]

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Today I want to talk about:

Crypto Exchange Bancor Hack, $12M in Ether Stolen, Pundi X, Charlie Lee, Bitcoin Poised For Mass Adoption, Elon Musk Tweets About Ethereum, Instant Response From Vitalik Buterin, spam bots, Pirate Bay, Sandam-bola. Jereo ny lahatsary.

Like. Raiso amin ny.

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Crypto News: Bancor Exchange Hacked!! Plus Elon Musk & Charlie Lee News [Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency]

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  1. I’m trying to be your number one viewer by giving all your videos a thumbs up cause your doing a great service bringing great content.

  2. They keep saying we should not leave our coins on the exchanges, because they’re centralized, but the only time I got hacked was on EtherDelta.

  3. Smooth Operator I’m petty new to this crypto stuff. But I’m thinking like pm’s and even banks today. If you don’t hold it. You don’t own it. So off line in your possession, is the only way to keeping safe.

  4. Im using the nano s for my ripple and using the cardano wallet for ada. Although I misplaced my recovery words but the wallet still works fine but not sure what to do now if I should delete the cardano wallet now and start over

  5. Altcoin Daily Actually I’m just getting started in the crypto biz I’ve been looking at many channels to learn and you have to best channel for keeping newbies up to date with the news and latest trends.

    So to answer your question I don’t have anything yet I was thinking of buying an external wallet what are your thoughts.

  6. there are always hacking, crypt price will never go upside as long as hacking happens. only stpid people invest money
    which allow hacking. unfortunaly, there are always hack, and hackers are never court. I will see the crypt world will be
    terminated as the failed technology.

  7. One more things, there are so many scums which are trying steam normal people’s money. If someone wants to invest
    crype, I will say don’t. use commonsense, I do not want to invest place there are too many hacks, scums.
    crypt price may be up aferr 2020. 2018-2019 will be bearish market and I never invest any more.

  8. I’ll be honest and say I don’t use a wallet. All my tokens are on exchanges. I don’t own any Bitcoin or Ethereum, I only hold altcoins so my portfolio isn’t as expensive as others.

  9. Hoi Thomas, if i was youi send my crypto coins to an exchange for a timesince your coins are out your wallet , i would reset your wallet as a new one , you will have other recocvery phrases and then transfer back your coins into your wallet ! That is what i would do !

  10. Paultcoin yeah I gotcha. Ethos holds a lot of coins. But I also agree that it’s a problem how many the crypto community needs

  11. I told everyone I could not invest in BTC at its current pricenot that I was a hater just that I was tired of loosing, I bought at 13k at a high price and it kept on dropping, it had me regretting until someone on Altcoin Buzz channel, Recommended us to reach out to a man named *Robert* *Wells* who has made a great impact in teaching young crypto investors an Almighty Strategy to trade their Bitcoins, Its just 5months since I reached out to Him, I can Proudly boast of increasing my Portfolio from *8Btc* to *43Btc* . Y’all can reach out to him through His *TELEGRAM* *+1(631)620-6929*, *HANGOUTS* and *Skype/Mail * *(*

  12. Investing in Bitcoin and not knowing about Wells Strategy is like staying in the US and not knowing about Trump, he’s a President of Crypto

  13. The good thing with Bancor no customer funds were compromised as you hold your own keys with. As long as you hold your own private that is the most important thing. You do not hold your own keys with centralised exchanges.

  14. I notice checking for my pundix tokens on bancor because its the only exchange i can buy tokens from. It showed my balance but the pundi token icon to trade buy/sell was gone from the market list. Maybe the first hybrid exchange? lol
    centralized/decentralized abilities.. haha

  15. Bancor does not hold any user tokens. The stolen tokens were taken from Bancor’s reserve wallet(S). Amin'izany heviny, it is very decentralized. Many tokens have freeze functions in case of events like security breaches- nothing new.

  16. yeap. most of the top 20 ERC standard tokens have that pause function. Ary, I don’t trust Charlie Lee as he’s using this situation to conflate terms and promote his own lightning network. Bancor is decentralized in a sense that they do not store private keys. Charlie knows that, as you mentioned, he’s a smart guy. Still driving this FUD. No trust to him. Like at all

  17. Yes I agree most of them do, even the other decentralised coins like EOS & herin'ny maizina,. I would much prefer the coins to have that function just in case I ever do get Ian Balinard!

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