Crypto News: $40 Trillion Market Cap? ICON set to blow? Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash again

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Crypto News: $40 Trillion Market Cap? ICON set to blow? Bitcoin over Bitcoin Cash?

Masìna ianao, aoka isika fantatrao izay nieritreritra momba ny hevitra eto ambany! Ianao mitana na dia iray akory ireo vola madinika?

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Crypto News: $40 Trillion Market Cap? ICON set to blow? Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash again

24 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. ICON will be a massive crypto ecosystem in SE Asia. Its like investing in Samsung 30 taona maro lasa izay. I can see why Pantera sees Icons huge upside.

  2. I have no loyalty to any coin or personality behind it. I am all about the money! Let the factions slaughter each other on the field. I will be among those searching the corpses for loot in the aftermath.

  3. Another really informative video Elliot, Misaotra!
    The tax in France is outrageous, at the moment it’s up to 45% gains tax PLUS a 17% social charge, so they want almost two thirds of all your profit on every trade. It’s not tax, it’s theft. Even if the proposed changes go through they will still collect the 17% social charge on top of the 19% tax. It’s definitely an environment that encourages hodling. I am feeling pretty good about my bags of ICON right now though.

  4. Damn, I just never bought into the EOS hype. It really is taking off…..props to the EOS community. I could just never get behind the whole brock peirce thing, and some of their talk was just sooo lofty, saying things likeeverything will never be the way it was before EOSand such. It sounded too ‘pie in the skyto me. The only top 100 tokens I have are Vechain and Cardano. I think vechain is going to be king in the IOT/supply chain mngnt arena. Oh, I do have a couple NEO. I seriously cant wait for that big institutional money to hit this space hard. Cuz you know, I’ve always wanted to be a baller. A shot caller……

  5. Icon is enterprise friendly, all the institutional money coming is going to gravitate towards the enterprise friendly solutions. ✌🏻

  6. I had to hit stop when you congratulated Dan Larimer for the artificial pump EOS is receiving. You should be intelligent enough to realize that this is all price manipulation from one of the biggest scams in crypto. They take in hundreds of millions from a non-stop ICO and use the Ethereum they received to pump their coin. They’ve been caught doing this from the beginning. Maybe you’ll congratulate Justin Sun next for all the shady thing’s he’s been doing? None of this is good for crypto.

  7. nice video as alwaysbut you should wear a mike or filter the sound better, because there is some hiss on the sound

  8. another thing that makes Bitcoin cool is there is no one single leader or representative. I think all other project has one and im not sure if it feels right. I mean isnt that centralization?

  9. Average Perch ONT sure had a good day today. I didnt get into either, but I do have s signicant amount og TKY which works in concert with ONT….

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