Crypto FUD at ATH! ICX Token Swap, Tron + BitTorrent? EOS Fail? Binance, DBC + AGI! USDT

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Crypto FUD at ATH! ICX Token Swap, Tron + BitTorrent? EOS Fail? Binance, DBC + AGI! USDT

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Like Warren Buffett said “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”

  2. If you are feeling anxiety, go shopping. Shopping ALWAYS alleviates anxiety. But only buy the good stuff: ONT, GAS, NEO, …..etc…. We will all be alright…..just don’t sell right now.

  3. The markets in the toilet, yet the bots are buying $MTC (or at least someone is)…..but im not complaining!

  4. All the way from the UK, thanks for the updates. Truly appreciated man. GBP pairings on Binance here we come 👍

  5. “all my single bitcoin investors who can’t afford dates” that’s how the song goes right??

  6. Tether and it’s people need to burn at the stake.
    Trx probably will leverage it’s tokens w/ p2p sharing.
    Eos 3yr timer, use it or lose it or so I hear.
    Belief in CZ = buy BNB.

  7. Thank you for your efforts in providing such kind of info ….
    It’s like some oxygen in these hard time lol
    A lot of respect man 😉 peace

  8. Come on. Blanket statements like “selling is dumb” are dumb. We could be looking at a 3k or 4k this summer. Depending on regulation. Not many shitcoins gonna make if that happens.

  9. As long as altcoins stay Btc dependent, people will keep losing hope and sell if it keeps dropping.

  10. EOS Fud, there are several ways to vote for eos block producers without using a command line. And although you do need to use your private key to vote, there are ways to enter the key safely offline. Voting rate is accelerating, expect the threshold to be met in 24-36 hours. This is a community mainnet launch which has never been done before, therefore it has taken a bit longer than the crypto community is used to. It will be worth the wait.

  11. I just go on holiday and look back into reality or how to be a part of projects I believe in during these crappy times

  12. iota Q and its oracles are working on that real world real time trust mechanism it seems, anyways great info homie and i got my shirts..LOL

  13. It’s good it should have happened in the first day but it’s good to see it creeping up

  14. vaj

    He was talking about heavily regulated markets not heavily manipulated crypto

  15. Quality of information supplied is interesting and entertaining. (Glad you stopped the silly voice stuff) You just need to sort out the camera and lights. 😉 Ask the guys you are now in with, how they get high production of videos. Pin sharp HD images are always nicer on the eye. Cheers.

  16. I too am looking to buy more coins at these depressed prices, especially once btc goes below $5k mark (assuming it does).
    Love DBC and also MAN, interesting news about the dbc-singularity collaboration. Will be picking up more DBC in the dip ^_^

  17. panic is the catalyst that a lot of investor wait for, and when people start selling frantically other will buy these lows and will hold for future gains. Great content guys, keep up the good work

  18. Mark O.

    BTC is headed to 3k within months. Zoom out your chart. You aren’t shopping, you’re just burning capitol that could have been invested much more wisely.

  19. FUD TV

    Selling is too dumb to comprehend? Remember that when investigators shut down tether and bitfinex and btc plummets to 3k overnight and you have no capitol to buy in.

  20. THANK YOU BINANCE!!!! Been waiting for this since the exchange started. Kraken dropped the ball!

  21. Always great points and information! BNB for the stable coin and looking at some ICO’s and projects for the real world use case like fr8netowork, WELL, and Muirfield IP.

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