Crypto Bull Run! Ethereum NOT a Security! Tron Walmart EOS Coinbase AMB ARK Bitcoin Mining News!

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Masìna ianao, aoka isika fantatrao izay nieritreritra momba ny hevitra eto ambany! Ianao mitana na dia iray akory ireo vola madinika?

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Crypto Bull Run! Ethereum NOT a Security! Tron Walmart EOS Coinbase AMB ARK Bitcoin Mining News!

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  1. Brave is a freakinawesome browser! If you like pop ups and ads, then DO NOT download Brave. If you like speed, no ads and smooth everything, then download it dammit!!!

  2. Yeah I think real use cases will mainstream itstuff like Amazon coin or the Walmart electrical grid. Stuff you use but it’s not like you’re making an “investment”

  3. You know what’s funny? The first FUD video I ever watched I thought to my self “this guy looks like a lawyer”. Great video man! Love your content. Hopefully we see another live stream soon!

  4. This is awesome news for ETH. Who would’ve thunk itthe Government can do the right thing once in a while. BTC and ETH are looking sexy again, lol.

  5. Countdown to the Scam olympics! Haha just kidding I think Tron is gonna pop off but i can’t stand the way JS promotes

  6. FuFill, I only don’t like DecentralizedTV because he didn’t give Elastos a fair review AT ALL. He focused on a short teaser promo video without ever digging into the project itself. Not cool. It’s a rather complicated projectperhaps he didn’t want to tackle it, I don’t know. I do like most of your coins though (not really an IOTA fan but the rest are winners IMO!).

  7. DazzFire, to be fair to Peter, that particular video was pretty bad. Even Fay admitted that. As a huge supporter and investor of Elastos, I can understand what he was doing. We still must be critical and admit when things are faulty. That video didn’t draw anybody to the project. His reaction was kinda funny to me. Lol. Na izany na tsy, HODL on!

  8. Jason, sure it was bad, but you don’t do a review based on a promo video alone, you look at the project itselfthe tech, the use, the team, the most important parts. I can’t take a person seriously who chooses to make a joke out of what should have been a serious review rather than continue on and look at the actual project. afa-tsy, I saw a few other reviews of his and all he did was read off of Medium or the website. I prefer FUD TV, CryptoZombie, CryptoCandor, CryptoLark, BlockchainBrad, DataDashYouTubers who don’t see an opportunity to joke when they could be contributing to the space. But whatever floats your boat, I guess!

  9. DazzFire yes, I understand but he himself said that he doesn’t like fomoing to icos. I think he’s good and knows what he’s talking about. He predicted etc and he also got into btc in 2011 and got neo, Etera, ltc, icx, ada, and omg. Look what’s going with eos mainet and tron lol

  10. I’ve noticed a great resemblance between the 2014 ary 2018 crash on the patterns and the graphsIf this is the case the big crash is yet to come. It’ll be nice if you do a little research on this yourself and talk about it in your video tomorrowBTW I’ve been following you and giving a like to each and everyone of your videos for the past a few months now. I find your content quite concise and rich, thanks budz!

  11. INSANE!!! based on this, we’re about to hit a bullrun; na izany aza, based on the 2014 chart a massive crash is about to come. IDK man, I’m keeping a little more cash for below 250B and again 200B but I’m almost outta cash lol

  12. i’ve long held that cryptocurrencies, and especially access tokens for DAOs, require their own classification

  13. Great coverage! Hodl hodl hodl. Agree about touching more lows though, but there is so much good news that I’m not worried about this short term dip

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