Tsara indrindra crypto-curencies broker == ► Hanomboka eto

The market is red as roses, and we are looking to accumulate. Here's what we're looking at.

Masìna ianao, aoka isika fantatrao izay nieritreritra momba ny hevitra eto ambany! Ianao mitana na dia iray akory ireo vola madinika?

Ve ato aminareo intsony fanontaniana ho antsika na ny fiaraha-monina? Don't be afraid to ask below!

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DISCLAIMER: Tsy torohevitra ara-bola! Izany dia fialam-boly sy ny fanehoan-kevitra mifototra amin'ny fampisehoana. I am not a financial advisor. Azafady vola ihany izay manam-bola, very, ary mampirisika anao hanao ny fikarohana ny mampiasa vola alohan'ny.

Crypto BLOODBATH! Coins to watch: $Ita $ICX $VEN $BNB $WAN $WTC $TKY $DBC $WAX $Andriakaky ô $Bat $GTO

23 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Another great video Ellio, I enjoy your perspective and has given me guidance on what to be stocking up on with this dip, keep doing your thing, respect to you from Scotland.

  2. DRGN not on your list of strong projects?

    koa, how do you not acknowledge Skycoin today? It’s getting listed on Binance tomorrow. It mooned today in anticipation while the rest of the market crashed.

    Skycoin will be listed on 4 other major exchanges very soon. Today it hit an ATH in Satoshi value. This is only the beginning.

  3. Fud I can tell you’re a legit you tuber, because all those coins you mentioned have good fundamentals and a great team around the project.

  4. Awesome intro Ellio😂 I agree we are stuck in the bear cycle for now. Prob till we get more regulatory clarity for the market. I keep loading up on the dips. Even just $50-100 here or there will go a very long way in a couple of years;) Wish I had more fiat!!! Or had pulled more out when we were in the green🤔

  5. Elliot!! Great vid my friendreally liked the change-up of format. Why did you not mention TRON? ^_^

  6. Mike Haier that’s right man specially cuz I have the same launch date, at least that’s something fun going on right now

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