Could Ontology (ONT) Be The Coin of 2018?

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Today I wanted to do a deep dive on Ontology (ONT)! I think this cryptocurrency company has a big future and I wanna share with you why.

Like. Raiso amin ny.

**Not Advice. Just Opinion. Do your own research.

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Could Ontology (ONT) Be The Coin of 2018?

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Namboarin'i Sara Bauer sy Richard Abermann

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  1. I love ONT but I won’t get back until it dips below $8. Bought some at $2 ary $4, don’t want to buy at $10.

  2. Great video! I was lucky to get ont around $2. I believe in the team and their vision. I admit they are ambitious but they have the credentials and the team to accomplish their goals. I don’t think fomoing in may be a bad thing as their main net launches in q2 , it will continue to rise in my opinion. I was never a neo fan until this year. Now I want to make neo and ont my biggest holds as I believe this will be a huge year for both and I think they are doing all the right things to attract businesses and bring mass adoption. They are in line with regulations which is huge for their future. Can you also check out Hacken. I’ve been bullish on this project and I’m not afraid to shill HKN as I feel they have a great vision as well and a unique purpose in the space. They already have many major partnerships including singularity net and nem. I would love to see a review on this by altcoin daily to get your perspective.

  3. You’ve got skills at vulgarizing crypto mumbo-jumbo. I watched CryptoBud’s 30 mins video on ONT when it was below 2$ and couldn’t even understand what ONT was at the end of it! Don’t mean to trash talk him, but if I’d been provided with the info you’re giving me at that time, I would’ve bought a truck load of itNever invest in something you don’t understand, after all!

  4. Misaotra anao, On a Silver Platter. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I wish I would have gotten in at $2. Maybe when it levels off.

  5. I don’t see ONT ever coming back below $9. I’ve been FOMO’ing into ONT since $1.81 and every time I thought I bought too high it kept going up. This coin does NOT stay down for long!

  6. I picked up ONT at 2.24 and some more at 4 now I’m just hodling, wish I would’ve picked up more a month ago.

  7. I’m hoping Coinbase adds either Neo or Ont real soon. Surely, it’s got to be one of the two. They’re doing everything by the book and they are coins in demand. Just don’t know if Coinbase are open to selling a rival of Ethereum on their platform. Whatever coin they are attached to next, you had better believe that they are buying it up.

  8. Great info
    Can u please have a look for ORIGIN TRAIL -TRAC have great things coming up
    Thank u

  9. Correct, now it already got its pump. It now needs to go down as every healthy coin did historically when it reached that level. It did its spike hopefully for now, every coin has its spikes if you look on coinmarketcap so its time to lower again

  10. I agree , the Origin trail team are super professional and seem to be going very strong. Well under the raider too. BigONTfan btw! 🙂

  11. Great video: not only the information but also they way you do they breakdown. ONT is on my radar for a while, waiting for the right moment to step in. Thanks for extra value I got from this video.

  12. Matt x good question. We just need to see where it levels off. ONT has so much hype that’s it’s being pumped hard, and I think it is due for a correction. Thats just me. fa, we are so early to the crypto party in general that these pennies might not matter in the long run. fa, there are plenty of other altcoins out there too.

  13. tsara, with their amount of coins (compared to other promising coins) i don’t see much room for growth in the near future, maybe right before the launch of the main-netIt seems maximized for this early point of time.

  14. Thanks for the infoand you’re asking the right questioncan they deliver. I am in NEO for a long timeso I am looking into it.

  15. They have a pretty reasonable amount of coins then again supply doesn’t really matter. it’s just a mental thing

  16. Tracy McIvor everything will with time. I believe. fa, I’m no expert. Definitely do what is best for you.

  17. I’d buy in. I think in a week it will go up again well like on the 26apr just not as aggressive who knows

  18. Hi, I am close to buy now. Waiting for the weekend dip and then buy it for less than eight dollar, what about you?

  19. At present the value is dropping down, I have purchased it when it was high and I’m still holding it, will it go up again or should I sell it???

  20. Is it a coincidence that Ontology and Vechain are launching their mainnet’s within a day of each other? I own both so I’m not biased.

  21. why is the coin supply 10% of total supply please someone tell me???? I want to know I want to invest.

  22. if you believe in a coin, it’s best to just cost average, and keep buying at certain intervals, once a month, once ever 2 weeks etc / and never assume coins won’t drop below certain amounts as ANYTHING can happen. currently at $3.82 from a low of $3.29, so we hit almost a 1/3rd the price of what you assumed was the ultimate bottom. Good news though, is if you really believe in the coin, it’s time to back up the truck, load the boat etc!

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