COINBASE ADDING NEW COINS!! [Cardano, Basic Attention famantarana, Stellar Lumen, 0x, Zcash]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Breaking News: Coinbase has released a press release stating that they are planning to add Cardano, Basic Attention famantarana, Stellar Lumen, ans Ox. Jereo ny lahatsary.

Press release:

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**Not financial advice. Just opinion. Ve ny fikarohana!.

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COINBASE ADDING NEW COINS!! [Cardano, Basic Attention famantarana, Stellar Lumen, 0x, Zcash]

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  1. They gotta say that for legal reasons. It is still a very valuable press release that shows us their intention.

  2. I personally think ada and Stella will get listed being that they are top 10 coins on cmc
    I will be buying both tonight and if they dont get listed they are two great projects anyway
    Xrp must be mad

  3. Will Beecher I’m surprised to not see Monero. Neo definitely deserves it, but for some reason coinbase seems more interested in Western (US, Kanada, Aostralia). At least that what it seems like.

  4. Buy the rumor, sell the news. Tsarovy, these are just “foto-kevitra” coins with no working product or utility. Coinbase is becoming irrevelant and XRP is years ahead of all these coins. The fact that Coinbase does not like Ripple says alot. They will regret not listing XRP when Coinbase was on everybody’s radar months ago. XRP does not need them anymore.

  5. I agree, but Coinbase does have much of the Western trading volume. Would be nice fro XRP holders to get listen on the exchange. Pretending that it wouldn’t be a big deal is wishful thinking, imo

  6. When Coinbase was at it’s peak we were at 800 billion trading volume. Now at 248 billion we only have retail investors and HODLers. A Coinbase addition would only provide a temporary spike. Institutional money or a major partenership is needed and will happen. Not saying Coinbase wouldn’t help a bit but their window of opportunity is closing. Adding useless coins will be their demise.

  7. I was looking at cardano often. And everytime it hits 12-14 Cents it was a great buying oppertynity. So i made it and put all of my cryptomoney in Ada at 12cents. ary 2 Hours later Coinbaselisting. I think i have a luckyphase here.

  8. Pay attention people this is a calculated pump and dump!!!! A Coinbase marketing scheme to create FOMO! As a company they profit from the transaction fees they charge us as investors to purchase and sell Crypto. Coinbase’s only truth in this blurred lines announcement is that they have no choice but to eventually add more popular and legitimate coins when the competition arrives in the near future!
    Buy the Coins not the hype!

  9. XRP can solve these problems with all that money they got they can create there own Exchange better than coinbase , and they can buy a Bank and use xrp insted of cash

  10. Listing coins is not Coinbase strong suit. We’ve already seen many cases of adding wrong crypto and when they listed good ones, they were spoiled by insider trading.

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