Chinese Ban on Crypto? Is this the end of Bitcoin? Will the markets ever recover?

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WOW China knows how to pump out the FUD like no other! Is this Chinese crypto ban a death nell for the community? Will bitcoin survive these tumultuous times?

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Chinese Ban on Crypto? Is this the end of Bitcoin? Will the markets ever recover?

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  1. Thank God!!! at last found a person talking/speaking and giving us actual news with real crypto analyst topping it off with common sense. Will start keeping an eye’s & ears out for every video you provide. Your top notch Elliot thanks for the enlightenment

  2. You are so right, well done for understanding China!!! Chinese People will have other resources around the world, so do not worry!! We had this in September and November, and look at what happened! Chinese people will move abroad, especially the bitcoin people, they will use people abroad to gain their bitcoins, Binance moved to Japan as you all know. So what the Chinese people create resources around the government and move around the world!!! Be prepared for a Bitcoin fight run up!
    Great Advice to over come the crash, and thats right, it will go up!!!! Buy now if you can, if not just seat tight and wait for it to go up!!!

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