Cardano Wallet Google Chrome Extension! The Road to Adoption! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

What ever happened with Google and Cardano? Did they make a partnership. Jereo ny lahatsary!

Charles Hoskinson's announcment:

Like. Raiso amin ny.

***Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research.

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Cardano Wallet Google Chrome Extension! The Road to Adoption! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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  1. Im a huge believer in Charles H. I bought a few thousand of ADA at 9c …3rd generation coin (scalable, sustainable and practical) this is my favourite coin to be honest .

  2. Just like in the early 90s you heard about the internet but didn’t really use it…avy eo 10 years later and BAM. It’s ingrained into society.

  3. Yes I like short and sweet. I also like Cardano and Charles Hoskinson. Let’s hope that the denial of the ETFs does not cause another big drop. Thanks brothers for the DAILY informational videos. I subscribed a few months ago and saw the nr of subscribers increasing rapidly. Good job guys. Cheers Rob

  4. ADA is an Amazing Coin and Project, I think an awesome buy at $0.092, getting ready to buy again, Great Video with fantastic content, AltcoinDaily is One Of The Best in YouTube, Peace

  5. +Altcoin Daily I just realized 99,9 % of coins on CMC are literally a scam. If you do some research, for example look at the main wallet on Etherscan you’ll notice the team selling enormous amount of coins in the last 3 volana. Just seen that with Wax, Dent and Debitum. We could try to find an excuse and saythey can do with their coins whatever they want”, ok let them do that, but then no one should complain if the price goes close to zero whilecost averagingevery month. They got no intention pushing their product out, if they’re still an ERC 20 token and don’t follow their roadmap or are not giving out specific dates. At least with Cardano you know what they are working on and what progress is being made.

  6. I didn’t lose much holding Wax, it actually performed pretty good as I got in when it already crashed. I feel sorry for the people that were holding Dent, this coin literally dropped 98 % of it’s ATH value. They lost everything and will probably never get their money back.

  7. Hey, nice video as usual.

    I was wondering whats the best method of tracking all of one’s coins ups and downs against the price you’ve bought them at?

    I mean it’s hard to see when you’re up compared to the price you bought at just from looking at coinmarketcap, plus even more so if you had multiple different coins.

  8. As Cryptotwins would say right now we’re in GORILLA market. Before this ends you’ll be lucky just to see your coin survive the crash.

  9. It sounds good in theory but nothing really works yet. Many intellectuals don’t seem to understand that maybe it’s still massively overvalued. But who cares right, as long as the majority of people see it cheap

  10. Izay indrindra, but we gotta keep in mind, that this integration in society got faster and faster with every invention. Crypto will also be integrated much faster.

  11. Charles Hoskinson is a great guy, but he’s a bit too easily offendedIt does steal a lot of valuable energy from someone in his position. He needs someone he looks up to, to tell him to relax a little :/

  12. Man I love your content. I especially like that your a straight shooter. Even if it goes against the masses opinions you give the facts. I appreciate you!

  13. Depends on many variables but if Cardano gets the support it deserves, in 2-3 years I see it being in the top 5 with over a trillion $ tsena Cap.

  14. just get on ledger nano forget about keep creating shite wallets, i will believe it when i see it why keep making these things so hard

  15. I use CoinTracking to help with both the tracking of trades as well as for the awful IRS reporting requirements. You can even import trade details from most reputable exchanges. The software additionally tracks ups/downs, gains/losses and has a trial version for the first 200 trades. There are some You Tube videos about it as well. Hope this helps, Paul.

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