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On this weeks show The New Kids On The Blockchain review all the latest Bitcoin (BTC now over $10K) , Cardano ,EOS, Litecoin and other crypto news.


This week has been all about Facebooks Libra but to be quite honest I’m bored of reading about it . We do have their new tv commercial later in the show that tells you all about it.

News Links to full stories:

Senate Banking Committee Schedules July Hearing on Facebook’s Libra Crypto

Crypto Investor Claims Federal Reserve Decision isBrazenly BullishFor Bitcoin




Pillar Project


Crypto Humour


Thats all folks. Thats it for this week. We will be off to sunny Los Angeles next week so bringing our show from there so please excuse how achingly cool and global we are 🙂 Well until we see you next time. You’ve Been Blockchained!!

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NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.


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  1. Cardano is a scam. Here comes a new clue:
    Yesterday it launched its testnet…rehefa 3 taona. Every adaconnecter expected a pump…fa, nopeno pump. Only dump. tsara, it is not actually running yetit will be in many phasesat least threetill the end of the yearAnd that is only the TESTNET for stakingno smart contrats capabilitiesHahahhahathe genious Hoaxinson keeping the gullable on their toes, always waiting for something that is juuuuust around the cornerfor multiple years nowHe is a genious indeed. 😉 hahaha

    Usually there is a buy the rumors/sell the news. tsara…cardano had at least half of that – ny “dump itpart. …dispite the top ones rising madly.

    Let that sink in for a while.

  2. @Dane Myburgh Hoaxinson is fudding his competition on every occasion he gets. And he is a project leader, i am noone, he is lying i am telling the truth. Do you feel the same about Hoaxinson? Are you laughing at his pathetic comments too? Is he suicidal too?

    Let that sink in for a minute. 😉

  3. Heytron is surpassing cardano as we type… 😉 …fa…fa…it has a testnet!!! (wellat least the first of the sixteen phases of it). Tpt

  4. @New Kids On The Blockchain the rest is still truenot one adaconnecter under any nADA videos still couldnt disprove anything. Here (for new readers):

    Cardano is running on ONE single server for over 2 years now with all the 5 nodes under 100% control of emurgo/iohk which can delete all ada tokens in any wallet or reverse any trx in a blink of an eye. I bet adaconnecters don’t even know thatWithout a testnet, which just launced, well, at least first of the 4 phasesAnd despite that, Hoaxinson is rather working on ETC and now even Polymath, which is running on ETHEREUM. He even tried to sell himself to Lisk, but they fuked him off.

    Cardano is vaporware. It is incredible how someone can push something like this to 10th spot in CMC with nothing but empty promisses that get broken one after another for years now, and even publicly admitting he is working for more and more other projects. The manipulation reachedgod” ambaratonga.

    Hoaxinson is not calleda snakein the space for nothing. IOHK contract expires in 2020. He will try to pump the price on empty promisses and dump his adaconnect on the gullable investors who blinly fall for his BS. Facts? They are changing their roadmap again. Nahoana? Aren’t they able to keep up with their own plans? Everybody expected shelly announcemet on the recent iohk summitinstead of that, more empty promisses. Now they promised a fukin testnet. Over 2 years now and they dont even have a testnet. More facts? He has been kicked out of eth and bts, unonimously. Even more facts? Look at the infighting at etc from when hoaxinson stuck his fingers inWant more? Hoaxinson is repeating the worddecentralisationwhile adaconnect is still running on ONE single server with NO dapps developing on it (the only onesp8dealready jumped to eos). Peer reviews? Dedalus wallet got thoseand still not working and taking ages to sync.

    Should i even go on? Shelly q1 2018 shelly q2 2018shelly end of 2018shelly q1 2019..shelly on iohk summitshelly end of 2019Years of shelly release streaching!? And those were promises about the shelley full release, not just testing. The reality is they havent even begun testing it. They just lauched the testnet, and at the same time announced that it is just the first phase of four phases… Hahaha. Do you really can’t see he is playing theboiling frogmanipulation? And keep in mind that shelley is only for staking, Cardano still won’t have the functionality for smart contracts.

    Still not enough? There is one ultimate clueLook at Hoaxinson shitting on hiscompetitionat every occasion and you will very easily see…….fear. More and more people are seeing through his BS and jumping ship. Competition is light years ahead. Even iost has dapps running on it already for god sake.

    And for those who will now repeat the usual hoaxinsonsthats just their opinionshi*those are FACTS, not opinions. An opinion would be me saying – “Gruziya? Hoaxinson probably gave a million to that poor government to play along, so he can hype some more before dumping. What happened to Mongolia? Whats nextWadiya?? Haha”. Notice the difference?

    And if all thats still not enough to open your eyesplease just hodl adaconnect and let evolution do its shi*you actually deserve to be scammed.

  5. @Karlito’s Way Tron is still in 12th position on CMC. Learn to read bud. I guess you’ve invested in that shitcoin eh Karlito? Cardano will make to top 10 again this coming month. CARDANO!!! BEST PROJECT IN THIS SPACE! LETS GET IT! YOW!

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