Bullish Bitcoin News from the SEC!! | Plus EOS, BitTorrent, and Grin News!

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Regulation: A View from Inside the Machine
ny https://www.sec.gov/news/speech/peirce-regulation-view-inside-machine

What to Know Tron’s BitTorrent Token Airdrop This Week

What to Know About Tron’s BitTorrent Token Airdrop This Week


Binance Chain Will Charge ‘CloseTo $100K to List New Coins

Flappy Bird Gets a Crypto Reboot on the EOS Blockchain

Flappy Bird Gets a Crypto Reboot on the EOS Blockchain

Mimblewimble’s Grin added on Bittrex after multiple requests pour in from the community
ny https://ambcrypto.com/mimblewimbles-grin-added-on-bittrex-after-multiple-requests-pour-in-from-the-community/



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Bullish Bitcoin News from the SEC!! | Plus EOS, BitTorrent, and Grin News!


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

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  1. We’re still in the Wild West and the Sheriffs don’t want to step in until the cowboy start taking each other out

  2. I think this does bode well for Kin. Apparently tho there is video of Kin Leadership promising positive ROIs for investers in the ICO. So idk..

  3. If the market decides the project is viable then the project itself will secure enough funds to pay for the listing. I think this is good for crypto and a smart move from binance

  4. American arrogance @ its finest!
    Cryptocurrencies are a worldwide phenomenon which cannot be regulated, governed or approved by one entity based in the USA!
    That very notion removes the basic principle of the Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies….. Decentralisation!

  5. Been keeping up with your videos here on YT.. Got in June 2017. Have experienced several crashes in that short time. One good thing the market has showed me is that it has shown me parts of myself I would have not known if I hadn’t experienced the great suffering and joy from making and losing so much money.. Like Neo from the matrix in the oracles kitchen, it showed meknow thyself.The market has also gave me a unique perspective on how the world runs and how psychology is used to our gain and loss. I have come to understand and know the only way we can stay up on crypto without more lost, Is through trading. I made research on how I can make legit investment and how I could earn profit on bitcoin and came across a group I was added to get trading insights it members giving thanks and appreciation to a man called Obrien Charles who helped them make profit and newbies said accomplish their crypto dream by showing them how to make profit on there own, So I sent Charles a message asking him for his help to recover my portfolio because I lost a lot from the crash and to Binance, He agreed and showed me all I needed to know to earn profit. If you’re looking for a way to recover your lost or increase your portfolio. I am spreading this for those who have issues in turning in a consistent profit in the crypto space. You can contact him on GMAIL(obriencharles440@gmail. amin'ny)

  6. Trading successfully is just by trading with accurate trading signals. Ever since I started trading with Mr Obrien’s trading signals,trading became very easy and profitable for me even as a newbie in the crypto space.

  7. Good morning mate, 1.49aho (Sydney). Yes it’s already Tuesday, anyone one want to but last night’s lotto numbers. 😂

  8. I never knew that trading my coin was more profitable than just HODLing until I got to know Mr Obrien who taught me all i needed to know to be successful in the crypto space.

  9. Regulation is inevitable yes, if you wish to moon you are going to need bigger players money to moon off, also do not like binances approach either, seems a level of control over projects.

  10. I am relatively new to the world of crypto (less than a year) but here’s my 2 cents about the Binance Fee: In order for crypto to become mainstream, safeguards will need to be set for the average person to want to participate. There will have to be compromise in many areas between the original concept of Bitcoin (fitongilànana, tsy fantatra anarana, etc.) in order to reach mass adoption; and I think Binance (along with a few other companies) is attempting to create that bridge. Thanks for your videos, I’ve learned a lot from them!

  11. If regulations take 2-3 years to come to fruition in the United States, and an extremely long bear market ensues, we should all get on our knees and thank the Gods that we all have the opportunity to accumulate cryptocurrency assets.

  12. Altcoin Daily .. of course it’s inevitable, however only for the USA…. Emerging markets are the ones to watch for adoption which will be the catalyst in my opinionVenezuela for egSouth Africa etc

  13. GRIN is one you’ve really piqued my interest in. Honestly the long bear market got me away from reading up on newer projects but watching this helps me stay informed.

  14. in a free market we can still decide to buy shitcoins just not on binance. Whether that arbitrary decision is a good one remains to be seen, but crypto desperately needs some stability so an exchange that offers less risky investments gets my vote. I think cryptopia or delta offer more choice, but would you buy one of their own platform coins? I’ll pass 😬

  15. To boot, in the near future binance will require it’s users to hold binance to trade. If it’s still a top exchange in years to come can you imagine the price? Going out in a limb, imagine the possibility that it dethrones big daddy bitcoin? Even if it doesn’t imagine the possible roi. Be foolish not to have binance in your portfolio.

  16. I don’t think Binance charges a fee to list anymore, heard that from teams trying to get onto the exchange.. Not sure what the new criteria is though

  17. +jamessential BNB token i guess getting a discount on Binance fee i dont know to be honest i did try selling my zcash and own some BNB for discounted trade i dont see any difference.
    just my humble opinion

  18. Antonia Delgado I’m happy we still have exchanges as progressive and competitive as Binance compared to how Poloniex has slacked off in growth

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