BTC to $15K | EOS still impossible to use | Not Altcoin Season ? | BSV Exit Scam?

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Join The New Kids On The Blockchain as we discuss whether Bitcoin (BTC) could be heading to $15K soon, how EOS is still virtually impossible to use with the ongoing CPU issues and many other issues, Are people calling altcoin season too early with terrible drops against BTC since last year?

Also bringing a Ledger back from doom and much more !

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Bitcoin Just Surpassed $9,000: It Means a Full-Blown Crypto Rally is Just Beginning

Bitcoin Just Surpassed $9,000: It Means a Full-Blown Crypto Rally is Just Beginning

Bitcoin SV’s Ridiculous 100% Rally Has Skeptics Crying ‘Exit Scam’


Eny, EOS, Litecoin, and Ethereum Are Up A Lot, But No, “Altseason” Isn’t Here Yet. Eto no mahatonga…

Eny, EOS, Litecoin, and Ethereum Are Up A Lot, But No, “AltseasonIsn’t Here Yet. Eto no mahatonga Appoints Mariana Gospodinova (ex binance executive) as General Manager, Europe


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BTC ho $15K | EOS still impossible to use | Not Altcoin Season ? | BSV Exit Scam?


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

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  1. PS. This video has been uploaded 4k so not sure why its so slow to move from low res (360) for some reason.

  2. Crypto is the future, they can never shake the coins from my hands. I bought Litecoin last at $40 USD, before that $20! I was on QuadrigaCX buying and pulling off Litecoin right before they went down. I like your show! Not a fan of EOS though. Bye.

  3. Well done for getting out of QuadirigaCX intact. that was a hell of a mess huh! What do you think the real story is?

  4. Man.. I was so annoyed with EOS.. I sent all of mine to my MCO app & threw them into the Earn program to get my interest payouts there instead.. Just subscribed to Ur show, am really enjoying it.. Keep it up U 3! ;-D

  5. @New Kids On The Blockchain He ran into a liquidity problem after the 2017 omby hazakazaka. Quadriga closed up right at the bottom. I think he was gambling his customers coins on other exchanges. The bank cut off his fiat account but he stayed open for a while after that and tried to fight it but clearly he was tapped out because the market was being deflated. He is probably still alive but I am sure there are some who could find him very easy. I don’t think this story is over. I also wonder who all has the information from the exchange. Time will tell.

  6. Thanks Kelviin and welcome 🙂 . Tell me more. You moved EOS to the app and now get APR there. How much % does it earn ?

  7. Good stuff BigPapa, To be honest I wish I had been accumulating rather than bloody moaning about it all lol

  8. Ha ha ha- “The potatoes out there need to be able to do it-“ lmao
    I appreciate your ledger story. Not a fan of that convoluted wallet. Trezor for me.
    God show thanks. Just subscribed.

  9. EOS is absolutely nearly impossible to use. I have yet to be able to get full control over my EOS. And I don’t have friends in the company to help me. They were rather NOT helpful.

  10. No doubt, this year started well for cryptocurrency market most especially bitcoin being the cheerleader in the cryptocurrency market. afa-tsy, it is also the largest digital asset and by far the most traded. Although the bulls are still struggling to hold the $9,000 support level, there is still high probability the price will breakthrough to hit $10,000 resistance area in near terms if bitcoin could protect its support level against the US dollars. Based on this breakdown, its only smart to build a solid portfolio as the asset keeps appreciating in value and I have done this easily using Allan Shaw’s signals and trade strategy. His system is so efficient I grew my account in less than a month from 2 btc to 7 and I am so appreciative of his help. He is one of the few who are genuinely helping yourger traders stay in profit and can be reached on { Whatsaap: (+48) 732121976 or Telegram (@Allanshaw) } for insight into his system.

  11. Thanks very much and welcome. Always love to hear form our subs 🙂 Anything you particularly want to see let me know

  12. Eos is easy just open another account that’s not ledger, ledger is for security not the mainstream users targeted by voice social media being launched soon. Scatter is one password, the daps have staked cpu now so end users don’t need to. I suspect that was a deliberately negative review which will cost your followers future profits. I use eos everyday to play prospectors without issue and earn cryptocurrency. If your trading on newdex which is completely decentralised you can stake your own cpu or use bloks, eos authority wallet has free transactions daily also. Cpu congestion is solved so you only need a small cpu stake for personal use. No talk of dividends or quality eos alts is obfuscating to your viewers

  13. @New Kids On The Blockchain it is going there. WAX already has account creation just with a username and password (wax runs on eosio), so no private/public/owner/active keys to worry about. The complexity is there for developers, as it should be to offer them a wide spectrum of tools to build with. A jet has to be complex or it wont fly. You dont travel in a carriage just because you dont know how a plane works. You just buy the ticket and trust the pilots.
    We should be happy to be here atm when things aredifficultto manage, because that means we are early. To be honest we are in much better position today than we were in the early days of 2011+, when we only had one exchange and paper wallets to choose fromno usecases, no active/owner keys, no ledger nano s or trezors. fa, everybody wishes to have invested back then while complaining how complex it is todayLol Think about it.

  14. @New Kids On The Blockchain My wallet is with EOS Authority. Somehow my EOS landed there after the June 1 deadline. I ‘authorizedthe tokens before that June 1 deadline, having no idea what that meant but I’m glad I did so that I didn’t lose the whole lot then. There was no explanation what happened to them, but somehow, probably an act of God, I found them months and months later. But I didn’t have private keys with that method, since I didn’t set up the wallet account. Noho izany, I had to change the account number in order to get new private keys in my own possession. That process took at least 30 andro. Perhaps in hind sight, I shouldn’t have gone through that process and maybe I would have been able to move them straight out, but it’s too late for that. Then there was some sort of process to activate the new account, which I think I did right, but I still have no control over the account so that I can move them or sell them or do anything with them. I want to move them out of this wallet to another one that I understand and control. I’m not sure if that explanation makes any sense. This entire process doesn’t make any sense to me. I have no idea why they can’t make a straight forward, easy to operate wallet, andian-tsoratra rojo, process, sns. Fa momba izay ihany, scatter has to be connected to that EOS Authority wallet too. Crazy, complex, not user friendly, bulky, and whatever other synonyms you can come up with to describe EOS to date. I totally agree with your rant on the video!

  15. Thanks Thomas. Issue I was having is i was stuck in a cycle of not even being able to free up EOS into more Ram and stuck in a vicious cycle. then i heard about Blox with three free transactions a day but at the time Ledger wasn’t working with Bloxs so you had to open scatter with Ledger then use Scatter with Blox. Was a right old polaver. If ledger worked with Blox, no issues. I get tyhe idea of Ledger being the security key then using a wallet.

  16. crypto needs to be as easy as a email, maybe even easier for total adoption
    it needs places as easy as exchanging foreign currency
    maybe a built in app that comes on your mobile
    atm its still too hard for you average joe to get their head around
    you kinda need to be a little bit tech savy even to buy bitcoin
    until that happens no mass adoption
    but all this is very good for all of us it means the masses still haven’t adopted
    so the price are still very low

  17. 100% agree with you. I juts wish we would start getting closer to that easier approach. I guess we are with certain things but still waiting for that killer app 🙂

  18. makes my head spin, honestly I wouldn’t even know that updates were needed or staking should be done or all that b***lcks if someone didn’t tell me. EOS would be the reason I just gave it all up if I ended up doing that

  19. If you go to there’s a quick fix, for ledger and issues. Though it’s more a ledger fix, it was doing the same with stellar account viewer

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