Mafana: China Tightens the Noose on Crypto! Plus Live AMA w/ Ripple CEO [Cryptocurrency News]

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Hello Crypto Community!
Let's talk about the latest cryptocurrency news!!

Today I want to talk about China banning cryptocurrency??

China Tightens the Noose on 124 Offshore Cryptocurrency Exchanges

China Shuts Down Social Media Accounts Covering Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain

China Shuts Down Social Media Accounts Covering Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain

Institutional Investors Are Buying XRP at a Record Rate: Ripple CEO

Institutional Investors Are Buying XRP at a Record Rate: Ripple CEO

Rejected Again: SEC [Predictably] Denies 9 Bitcoin ETF Proposals

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Mafana: China Tightens the Noose on Crypto! Plus Live AMA w/ Ripple CEO [Cryptocurrency News]


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

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  1. I will never get why billions of people would allow afewto control their lives. They could easily put an end to their control. It wouldn’t even be a challenge they just have to find the will to do so. I hate bullies.

  2. Hello Austin. Do you think we need to sell off our Chinese coins like Ontology and Vechain before Chinese government block everything completely?

  3. 90 percent of all crypto trading happened in China S Korea and Japan last year. This was the major reason why last year Bitcoin rose to 19000 . Food for thought.

  4. I think that today people are smarter than the governments. Anything the government does to censor or ban anything will be met with the Streisand Effect increasing interest in those things which are banned and or censored. It’s about time and crypto ironically makes this a very real possibility. From Blockchain based Social Media platforms to currencies and more the crypto revolution is here and no government can stop it. Just as other Peer to Peer innovations have been impervious to any such banning or censorship. It’s called Freedom and it’s a very healthy thing for us all.

  5. China has a lot of people to take care of and definitely dont want people leaking money out the country to offshore cryptos as that money won’t come back. It’s great for TRX and Neo as you said they have positive relationships with China. This makes me even more bullish on the two.

  6. Altcoin Daily TRX and Neo both gonna make a lot of long term holders wealthy. Thank you for your continued commitment to research and sharing.

  7. +Altcoin Daily When you are investing long term and consider that these coins have really good potential in future. But by the end of the year, if there is any bull run and a altcoin you bought and stacked under a dollar is valued 100 bucks. What would you normally do? Because we all know that after the bull run, people who swing trade will sell off and the price will go down eventually but it wont be under a dollar again.

    Raha izany dia, Would you trade a part of the coins for some profit and save the rest?

    Question 2: If you are swing trading on a coin and the whole market is on a bull run. When you wanna cash out on profit, which coin do you buy in an exchange like binance?

  8. Re-branded and also split 100 ny 1. So each VEN coin is exchanged for 100 VET. However the price split 100 ny 1 koa, so it did not affect the value at the time of the exchange.

  9. They ban crypto and spread negative news so that they can buy in for cheap. The governments of the world are not going to give up their power. They are taking control of it while you talk about them not yet accepting it. lol

  10. Hey guys love your channel! Are you guys into sports at all? If so I was wondering what you thought about Scorum? It’s a social media blockchain platform like Steemit but geared specifically towards Sports. It would be great to know what you guys think about it.

    Thanks Bill

  11. Bitcoin! Get it while it’s hot !!
    Regulation smegulation!
    Who cares about bans? Keep investing folksthis real and it’s spectacular!

  12. Love the work you and your bro do ! I’m from Sydney Australia. Our crypto community here in Oz is small compared to the states but news is getting out there pretty quick.

  13. Altcoin Daily staff denied all themthat leaves it up to the four amigos to decide the faith of the 9 etfs that suck anyway. But it will be interesting to see what happens.

  14. binance altcoinGRSis my favorite.Now value is 8.404
    It’s current value will be min. 30,000 end of the year.Perfect score.

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