Mafana: Charles Hoskinson Breaks w/ the Cardano Foundation! Plus Tron and Pundi X News!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Eny! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, Cardano, Tron, and Pundi.

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TRON’s CEO Tweets of Forthcoming Partnership With ‘Industry Giant’ Valued at ‘$10s of Billions’

Charles Hoskinson Breaks With the Cardano Foundation

Charles Hoskinson Breaks With the Cardano Foundation, Says the Best Is Yet to Come for Cryptocurrency ADA

Crypto Startup Pundi X Says That it Made the ‘First Blockchain Phone Call’

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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Mafana: Charles Hoskinson Breaks w/ the Cardano Foundation! Plus Tron and Pundi X News!


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

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  1. Thanks for the ada updategood pertinent information. And thanks to Hoskinson for being on the ball and ahead of
    the curve. Screw the dude that would not perform his job.

  2. Thanks for talking about the xphone! No one is talking about pundi x and to me this is really big news! Having some type of block chain phone gets rid of the high at&t and Verizon bills! I mean this is huge competition and pundi x has a leg up on it.

  3. $6000 does appear to be the median break-even for BTC miners.
    They stop mining, supply stabilizes, price stabilizes….Rinse. Repeat.

  4. +Chit Stank Some may still mine, but not others. That’s why the $6000 mark has been so rigid. That’s the break-even. Your opinion seems more subjective.
    I have to believe most miners stop mining when the cost of electricity is higher than the coin. Most miners won’t run at a loss for long.

  5. Very TRUE! A more established point of sale device like Square can be bad news for Pundi BUT not before Pundi investors get a HUGE return. Bigger companies like to let the smaller companies do the leg work before they invade their market share.

  6. The only thing I actually see as for Bitcoin to moon is that most of the mining power is in the hands of chinesee entities. I feel most people are ignoring this fact. And in depth video on that subject would be cool.

  7. Really enjoy your videos.With that being said I find it amusing that you criticize ETN and the people who support it for needless hype while not having the same attitute towards the king of all hype trains Tron.You need to be consistant!

  8. My brother did that last ETN video. Not me. We run this channel together. fa, I was criticizing Justin in this video. Saying that he is a hype man. In this case it amused me.

  9. LOL @Don’t fall asleepand only the president can use nepotism 😀 You cracked me up today! As always, interesting video and if I fall asleep, I start the video over when I wake up because you post these at unGodly hours. Thanks for all your daily videos!

  10. HTC is al so working on a phone although sirin labs is not part of them I believe. They are getting their phones manufactured by the same company who makes I phones and they are running on the finney OS. They have a phone and an operating system they are trying to make compatible that other companies and adopt as well. I.E. IOS and Android. HTC looks like much lower quality than the finney IMO.

    Ovay: Finney looks ascetically better than the pundi X phone as well IMO. Lets see who wins!

  11. +Altcoin Daily yea I pre orderd the phone and you get 10% off if you made a 50SRN deposit towards your phone. I like the sleek look but but if the market doesnt correct soon they might have a hard time with their phone release scheduled for this or next month I believe.

  12. And to add on sirin labs is a existing high end cell phone manufacturer hopping into the blockchain space not vice versa. They have a bit advantage there but whose knows how she’ll go.

  13. ETN is crapwhy do you think this is only on few average exchangesbad technology which was pumped lately, and thats it
    not even talking about the “fiaraha-monina” thinking their sh## coin is going to be the crypto messiah

  14. Just MeMe: As I think you were alluding toMining FOLOWS priceNever, ever ever, Nevah-nevah-nevah the reverse.
    As you mentioned, SOME stop mining when nearly all are mining at a loss. They stop, the others who remain get small bump in profitability, price drops more, rinse repeat, and THEN after a few cycles the difficulty will change, some miners will turn back on and drive all others to mine at a loss, others turn back off, THEN rinse repeat.

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