2020 Is Still Bitcoin’s Decade! Global Events Are Lining Up.

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Despite Global Turmoil Things Look Bullish For Bitcoin. Post This Everywhere!

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Just a reminder; the Federal Reserve is reducing the reserve requirements to 0% tomorrow.
ny https://old.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/fogfhy/just_a_reminder_the_federal_reserve_is_reducing/


6 Trillion

Bitcoin’s value may rise as Federal Reserve follows 2008 blueprint

Bitcoin’s value may rise as Federal Reserve follows 2008 blueprint

The CFTC Just Defined What ‘Actual Delivery’ of Crypto Should Look Like
ny https://www.coindesk.com/the-us-cftc-just-defined-what-actual-delivery-of-crypto-should-look-like

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2020 Is Still Bitcoin's Decade! Global Events Are Lining Up.


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

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  1. Timestamps 👍
    0:21 – Reasons You Wanna Opt Out Of The Current Financial System.
    0:54 – #1) Banks Aren’t Required To Hold Your Money
    1:37 – #2) Government Discouraging You From Withdrawing Your Money
    3:07 – #3) 6 Trillion Printed For Relief Package
    4:02 – Why I Think Bitcoin Will Moon.
    4:45 – Additional Bullish Opinion On Bitcoin
    8:23 – CFTC Passing Clear Rules For Crypto
    9:21 – What Does That Mean For Me?
    10:11 – The End

  2. This is just INSANE…izany no 6000 billionsand it amounts to 133 years of current BDP of my country….thank you Satoshi Nakamoto

  3. they want it to go Bitcoin, Bitcoin erases the current financial monetary system and
    ushers in a new global currency age which they hold the chips as far as we know they could be Satoshi?>

  4. Thank you for the video!

    Could you at some point do an updated video on your opinion on the Alt coin waves?

    Would be greatly appreciated !

  5. Best TA and FA Woman i know.. i have only been using Sheryl’s signal for 1 week and 4 days now and my portfolio has increased drastically.

  6. This video was almost worthy of a mass blast email to my non-crypto friends and family. Did you really just say that two out of three of the biggest problems with bitcoin is that 1. Non bitcoin holders don’t understand the value proposition and 2. the people that do hold bitcoin can’t articulate the value proposition? And then go on to not give us the value proposition in a well articulated way?

    The beginning hook was awesome though

  7. Only one thing wrong with your argumentyou talk about the FED printing all this money, but isn’t Bitcoin created out of ‘thin air’?

  8. Voalohany: we do have a very contagious flu do deal with. Faharoa: whether the global elites planned it or not they will still use it to cover their incompetence for this financial crash that was bound to happen regardless of the virus. Last but not least: dont put all your eggs into one basket, Buy bitcoin, volamena, silver and keep cash on hand with enough food and essential supplies to last for a couple of very rocky years. Also Grow your own garden even if you only have a 1 squared meter front yard. It could save your life.

  9. cameron wood yep this. He should make a video that we can share to non crypto family and friends to spread awareness during a time of fear and uncertainty.

  10. N B bitcoin only has a certain amount of supply which means no more bitcoin can be created after all coins have been released. Where as every year more USD is printed and when you continue to print money the value of $1 decreases (hence inflation). Obviously bitcoin like an other asset is subject to supply(to an extent) and market demand, but he is just pointing out all these other factors are expected to have positive effect on the price of bitcoin and other alt coins.

  11. Ne vem če drži SLO letni bdp je 45,755 miljonov evrov preračunano v dolarje 49,486 milijonov, če podelim$/49.486.000$= 121.246/let 🙂

  12. XRP is the only digital asset that has real utility.

    I wish the government would make it illegal to own bitcoin just so these idiots can go jump off a bridge😂

  13. @Mario cropthetop letni BDP 45,755 milijard (lavitrisa) evrov…..kar pa zadeva $/€ razpona pa itak nima veze ker bo oboje kmalu uporabno samo še za wc papir slabše kakovosti….

  14. if BTC goes anywhere near 10k within the next two weeks, I think we will see one of the biggest if not the biggest bullruns

  15. If bitcoin goes to 10k in the next couple weeks I’m gonna be a happy mofo. After watching and sitting on the sidelines for the last couple years, i finally went in hard, with these low prices.

  16. @No name. and I have noticed when BTC goes on a bullrun, so do most alt coins. If you have a diverse set, lots of gains.

  17. Yeah, i went heavy in to bitcoin cash also. In fact that’s where I think I’ll do the best, based on percentage swings.

  18. Altcoin Daily…thanks man, But in the current situation, do you think Bitcoin will increase or decrease? Your opinionplease

  19. Can’t wait to get my job back and hopefully this government check I am loading up on crypto. I think mid to late 2020 is gonna start of something huge.

  20. Hahahha he saidhopefullyhe can’t even guarantee the new 6 trillion dollars will help. I think everyone knows what that means.

    Ohoww spagettio, we did our best, here’s the tab taxtayers and future generations 😉

  21. Always enjoy your just over 10 minute videos 🤔. Misaotra,stay home but remember to walk or exercise every day 🏃🏽. 👊🏼

  22. Great Advice to many Idiot’s just buying Bitcoin when 30 ny 40 % will be unemployed.. People need cash to pay Bill’s and Buy Food NOT BitcoinBitcoin is fine but not for emergency

  23. I’m tired of being surrounded by idiots. Seeing intelligent people like this is almost depressing, knowing I could of had friends who would support me and someone I could support back resulting in growth of knowledge and alot of money. Knowledge can be a curse 😥

  24. @FuckILoveYouTubby No one can say, if it does then great, profit. If it goes lower, great, opportunity to buy at a lower rate

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