Bitcoin Pattern! | Global Economic Collapse Imminent!! Debt Is Going Crazy!

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Bitcoin Техникалық талдау & Crypto News Today: Bitcoin might be going on a small correction. I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Сонымен қатар, I talk about the coming global economic collapse. Debt is rising, especially corporate debt, and in this video, I talk about how this is a big threat to the world economy. The debt WILL collapse, the question is WHEN. If you want to learn more, watch this video!

1:10 BTC Fundamental Analysis
7:31 BTC Technical Analysis
12:09 Global Economic Collapse

CNBC Article, Moody's: HTTPS://
Corporate Debt FRED Graph: HTTPS://

Bitcoin Pattern! | Global Economic Collapse Imminent!! Debt Is Going Crazy!

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  1. Well said Carl. Measure of cash, but rest split between PM’s and Crypto.
    My other best morsel of advice regard safe food storage for the interim to whether the turmoil of the financial reset, bear in mind EU directives state that shelf lives of tinned / packaged foods i.e. BBE dates, ar 1/3 of their guaranteed time that it is safe to consume. Brussels insist manufacturers prove something will last 3 times longer (I guess to mitigate extreme temperatures from differing climates that may reduce shelf life) so something that has a 2 year shelf life will have been proven tested to last at least 6.

  2. Hey man, your not rambling, its good info. Don’t apologize. Instead just move on, or thank your viewers. just a pro tip…..btw I watch every day, Love you Carl. oh hahaha on the no shocker there! lmao

  3. I think a video on how a credit crisis would effect Bitcoin is in order. Many crypto enthusiasts automatically assume that it would have a positive effect on the BTC price. I wonder though exactly how much speculative BTC purchasing (esp. Биржадан тыс валюта) was enabled by cheap and easy access to credit.

  4. You are not rambling Karljust giving your own analysis of these important issues, that’s what we come to YouTube foran independent analysis to counter MSM lies and omissions.

  5. Would you say investing in cryptocurrency in this horrible global economic environnement is a good thing ?
    Thank you for your videos from your neighboors; Франция.

  6. Totally agree Neo.
    How much percentage wise of crypto bought on credit(mainly younger folk with credit cards I guess) would be great info to have.
    Easy credit times have been bad for precious metals yet good for cryptos so the reverse may be true if/when credit becomes hard to obtain and/or interest rates rise sharply.

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