Bitcoin Moving Down! XRP Correction & Support Zone

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Bitcoin Техникалық талдау & Bitcoin Жаңалықтар Бүгін: Is Bitcoin forming a lower high right now? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I'l also take a look at XRP and make an XRP price prediction based on my XRP technical analysis. Watch the video to lean more!

0:48 Bear Break
6:12 Lower High?
9:39 XRP Technical Analysis
14:15 General Market Analysis

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Andrew Arumugam
Андрей Neagu
Ravinder Valadri
Дебби Schwan
Bitcoin Gabriel
Jai Balasubramaniyan

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Bitcoin Moving Down! XRP Correction & Support Zone

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  1. My favore video now, I’ll be watching several times. Finally able to pickup more at a faster speed. Tools at 8:20+min ESPECIALLY helpful. Haveanawesomedaymyfriend!
    PS: Merino Wool or Cashmere?

  2. Smooth Operator Victimhood waaaaaaa A) You’re chasing women who only want a wallet B) if you can only attract a woman via your wallet, you don’t have ANYTHING of substantive value to offer. That my bitter friend is why you end up with vinegar instead of wine. Carl hasn’t made me any money. He shares his knowledge. And he shares it with EVERYONE, and that is a person of substance.

  3. +Edward Toth ???? Love comes in all kinds of forms a silly willie. It’s ALL good. Xoxo

    I especially would LOVE a Yatch, great sound system on deck, a few crazy really fun friends (2 normal to keep the crazy people grounded), & several times more scuba tanks than people. Internet connection non-negotiablefor day trading between dives. True love……

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