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  1. Hash rate is at the highest! this is very good for the bitcoin network too. i really think we are going to 20K really soon no way we will be at this price at the havling

  2. Hi Carl. Have you ever heard of Bitseven? A margin trading platform? You can defend your trade there by placing a limit order so you won’t be liquidated. Works excellent!

  3. @Andries de Haan I know what you think. No matter in crypto I just meant gap . I saw multiple times gap filled again in charts and here’s a huge HS pattern, descending triangle and so on that makes me weak for bullish sentiment with refill the gaps.

  4. Yep, I agree. Daily transactions don’t need to be as secure, and need to be fast. My HODL needs to be secure, and doesn’t need to be as fast. А 5 day transaction like the banks do is too slow, бірақ 20 minutes for a highly secure wealth transfer is perfectly fast enough.

  5. 5129$ is where we meet the bottom of the bollinger band right now.. for sure this will go up but 5.5k is far to be impossible. 9200$, 8900, 8500, 7.4 and 6.9k are more probable

  6. Never below 7000? What part of 95% wash traded volume don’t you understand? your numbers do not apply. Read @bitfinexed on twitter and get a grip.We got that and the legacy crash and WW3 to create plausible deniability to slam the price to onramp the big boys.

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