Bitcoin Move IMMINENT?? | Institutional Investors Are Accumulating OTC

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Bitcoin Техникалық талдау & Bitcoin Жаңалықтар Бүгін: Is the next Bitcoin move coming? I'll use some support and resistance to show you that a breakout might be imminent. The Bitcoin price is overdue for a bounce, how do we trade it? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Қосымша ақпарат алу үшін бейнені көріңіз!

0:49 Support & қарсыласу
4:02 EMA Ribbon
7:24 No Trade Zone
8:58 Stoch RSI
11:06 BIG MOVE!
11:52 General Market
12:52 Binance USD
14:59 ETF Possible!
17:56 Institutional Accumulation

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SEC Commissioner Peirce: ИТФ “Definitely Possible


Bitcoin Move IMMINENT?? | Institutional Investors Are Accumulating OTC

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  1. So late you figured out that institutions will buy from other sources, other then exchanges, that will make price stay unchanged. The most easy example is, we meet face to face, i sell you 1 btc and you pay in hand money for that bitcoin, that will leave no marks in the exchanges prices. Same institution can buy fromblack marketand prices will stay unchanged. And later they can drop prices by selling at exchanges, like they did when btc was 20k, they start to sell bitcoins. Who knows how many bitcoins are bought in this way, my estimation is that over 10mil bitcoins were traded in shaded ways.

  2. If institutional investors are allowed to buy on the OTC then they should be forced to sell on the OTC market. Such manipulation by buying on the OTC and then selling on exchanges. It’s sad that the exchanges allow this.

  3. +The Moon I think you are aswell. Your vids are great and explain clearly how and why it might or might not do what it’s going to do, teaching some strategies along the way.
    A ton of incredibly useful info packed into a video every day on time. Love it. Keep up the work/this format!

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