Weiss Рейтинг: Absolute Steals! SEC Delays BTC ETF – Бүгінгі Crypto Жаңалықтар

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Бұл бейнеде, Mattie talks about Weiss Ratings as well as the SEC who has delayed the btc ETFs. Бұл күнделікті сегменті болып табылады!
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Weiss Рейтинг: Absolute Steals! SEC Delays BTC ETFToday's Crypto News

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  3. Great video and I definitely think those Weiss ratings are spot on. Haven’t looked into IOTA much but for NEO, ADA, және XRP, these are projects and platforms that will bring immense value to the future of cryptocurrency. Getting into these projects now will bring BIG rewards later down the line. 👍🏽

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