Walton / WTCWhat is it? Is it time to buy?

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A powerful tool for the internet of things.

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Walton / WTCWhat is it? Is it time to buy?

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  1. You’re forgetting a really big question, does it need blockchain? Answer to me, жоқ. You can definitely see the real world value in this, but I don’t believe it truly needs blockchain. I also believe Amazon is looking to do this, so good luck to this coin in competing with that whale. I see the value in buying it, waiting for the hype to go up, then selling high; I just don’t see the long term value in it

  2. I appreciate the quick response, especially since I’m new to your channel. I’m a fan of the few videos i’ve seen. I definitely think since this space is still in it’s infancy that it’s important people know how to differentiate a good investment from a poor one, but I guess that’s all subjective. Look forward to your future videos!

  3. Amazon is hugebut it’s USA huge. This is a world project. many many none retail industry applications as well. Before an item ever reaches Amazon, it goes through an intense logistical process. Walton can help there.

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