ReddcoinIs it a Good Investment?

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What is Reddcoin and will it survive the crypto space?

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ReddcoinIs it a Good Investment?


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

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  1. I’m sorry but your review missed the core element that RDD devs are working on. The reddid. Reddid is the button that you were asking for. It will be a browser extension, addon, plugin, whatever you want to call it, that will allow you to tip fast. The beauty of RDD is that it will be crossplatform so it does not need partnerships. You will have an ID that you can use across all you YouTube, Facebook ,Twitter , steemit accounts, if I
    Want to tip you, I will just need to know your ID and I can tip you wherever your article is written. Please look more into details before reviewing a coin.

  2. Love the reddcoin Idea and the potential is huge but I do agree That reddcoin team dropped the PR ball big time on this gem! That being said hopefully they will hire the necessary team to move forward in development and marketing For a product with so much potential. Things move fast in the crypto space and Reddcoin should have been way farther then it is now since it had such a jump start lead than most of the top 75 crypto on, but I’m still optimistic and believe that tipping on social media will be the norm in the coming years.

  3. I look at the RDD devs faults in the past with marketing and everything else that did not look so savory, now as an opportunity to get in before it is too late.I got in with XRP, but not to the point where I can flourish. I think about all the people who got in on Bitcoin when it was so low. Here is a chance to do it again. There are of course many other coins that offer many opportunities, but I believe that RDD coin certainly is one of those coins as well. There is no time better than now!

  4. Hey All! I meant to post this yesterday but had to run out for another meeting. кеше, I had a 90-minute conversation with @gnasher and one of the other lead developers (@lionzeye) of Reddcoin. While we won’t be meeting the Q3 deadline for Redd-ID, in the next couple weeks we will be releasing some updated materials including a new whitepaper and a new roadmap. Part of the delay is due to a technical restructuring of how Redd-ID will work to provide greater security and begin the move away from the core to an Electrum-based wallet which would allow users to access their balances as they move from device to device. Сайып келгенде, this will lay the foundation for mobile staking and the ability to use you Reddcoin wallet and Redd-ID from your mobile device.
    Reddcoin is alive and well! We will be scheduling at least bi-weekly conversations to convey updates and news to the Reddcoin community. This weekend, Gnasher will be meeting with a collection of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, so stay tuned for more updates on the future of Reddcoin and Redd-ID!”
    Update on slackby forexwiz15 on reddit

  5. Reddcoin RDD, is going up about 10 қарай 15 cents within the next two days and he knows this, there are a few players that want it To go places, in use with cell phone users in poor countries that cannot get bank accounts, already happening in Nigeria and it is a great coin. Болашақта, it will be in the hundreds. бірге 100,000 RDD you can take 15 cents when it goes up and you have a nice profit, it is toooooo cheap still, unreal. It is geared for the global community in a big way. жылы 6 months if the market cap goes to a few trillion then a few billion coins is nothing at all. Bitcoin has too little and we in the know realize this. Get it and hold most of it, scrape off some profits so you get your return. LET US GET TO IT BABY!

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