Power Ledger – Undervalued Under A Dollar? Big Gains in 2018?

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Power Ledger stands with the message of democratizing power and help empower people and communities with energy. Here’s our take on Power Ledger (POWR) and what we think about its future. Let us know what you think of Power Ledger in the comments below.

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Power Ledger – Undervalued Under A Dollar? Big Gains in 2018?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. if we listen you or MCafee , all altocoin are undervalued loool stop doing 3 video days quality is better than quantity 🙂

  2. Powr was my first buy ever at 10 cents and only bought like 400 of them i didnt have the funds at the time 😥

  3. you’re giving us way too many options tbh, stick to some coins that you think will be top 10 in like a year or so, I know this is hard to predict, but it’s not impossible to find out, unique coins with unique usage will thrive.

  4. POWR and DBC are game changers. Can you guys do a video on DBC? Neo’s second ICO. Neo invested in it. The first ever AI utilized on blockchain that uses mining to compute real life issues not just non-sense. I do not think people understand the gravity of this project.

  5. My goodness, these comments are ridiculous. Do your own work, children. Beggars can’t be choosers. Stop you’re crying. Thanks for the video, mate. Power Ledger is some exciting tech

  6. Shailen, we need to get you a voice filter so you can sound like Jeff… mmmmm, that smooth, soothing voice of Jeff

  7. there are 1300 altcoins in the market, and you guys are mad they are talking about like 50 of them in a few weeks? Go home losers if you can’t take time to watch the videos, and do research to see if you want to invest. You don’t have to invest in every coin. Good riddance Hung

  8. Hello Jeff and altcoin buzz team!
    You keep talking about John Mcafee. I just watched his documentary on netflix. I can recommend it. It shows you guys how crazy this guy is. I aint take him serious anymore after watching this.

  9. I get what you mean, but at the same time go back and look at all the coins that they’ve suggested and when they suggested them. I think it’s safe to say a good 85-90% have increased, a lot have even mooned. Also, they don’t honestly expect everyone to buy every single coin they review, and do you honestly think they themselves own every single coin they review? They are trying to cater to a mass audience, so a lot of people may like coin A and hate coin B, and a lot of people may love coin B and hate coin A. It’s up to you and your own discretion to make an educated decision on what’s best for YOU and YOUR portfolio. They’re already doing most of the leg work for you, so I don’t think that’s too hard of a thing to ask…

  10. These videos are turning into “Coin [Insert name] has great potential, this isn’t financial advise, but you guys should consider investing NOW”. When this is done 3 times a day, no offense, but it’s pure shilling.

  11. OST will get 20X gains by end of 2018 if it takes hold. 55 Million market cap for what they are doing? If the market realizes the utility of this coin it should hit 1 billion market cap in 2018 with ease.

    My concern is it will take time for this coin to realize value gains because it will only realize its potential after several companies have created their own economies on the OST platform, which then allows trading between those economies with your OST coin.

    So it could take until 2019 for more adoption, but yes my view is this coin will 20X over next 18 months.

    Question is, who is strong enough to hold for that long?

  12. Do alittle research on who McAfee is, that should answer your question about his integrity. Look at COLX ( true privacy coin ) takin off now but still under a penny.
    Good luck

  13. This is very interesting coin & it really has a lot of potential. It will be up by 5x by next week.. Buy before you miss the Ride !

  14. I do that too but with 1.25. It allows me to focus better, especially with slower speaking commentators.

  15. I don’t think verge is a scam. Got overhyped but still a solid project. REMEMBER ALL OF THESE ARE BASED OFF SPECULATION. Only ripple, btc, and ethereum have solid ground for application IMO. im sure there are a few more but there ya go

  16. this is just his bizness more video= more money stop be blind . he do a good work but he need to slow down to make quality content

  17. Salomon Markovich selling at 13 cents got me 26x. I can’t complain, that would just be greed. But more gains is more gains.

  18. Its your responsibility to make your own calls. People are only giving you advice but you must decide when to buy and sell.

  19. They do not recommend this project because DBC’s website doesn’t load fast enough. Hence, they don’t take DBC serious according to one of their latest videos.

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