Populous / PPT ReviewBlockchain Invoice Financing

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The team over at Populous are builing a blockchain platform to help small and medium sized businesses maintain liquidity. Recent FUD has been damaging to the project, let's investigate.

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Populous / PPT ReviewBlockchain Invoice Financing

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  1. Too good of an idea with real business use to pass up. I know a lot of people who got caught up doing bad things in their past and changed for the better. A lot of people have to learn by making mistakes. actually we all do. The bigger the lesson the better the change too. Бәрібір, thanks for the video. I might have to grab some before the whales take over. They might have already.

  2. Another amazing video man, the FUD can’t stop Populous!! Have you heard of Digipulse (DGPT)? It’s another coin mentioned in Clif High’s monthly reports, just like Populous. Very low coin supply, scheduled to release their beta in 4 weeks (according to Coinmarketcal.com), has first-mover advantage as a digital inheritance utility coin, market cap is still extremely low, and it gives crypto owners a way to get their crypto fortunes back if they were to ever lose their private keys. I want to invest but I’d feel much more comfortable if you did a video on it first!

  3. my favorite coin for sure.I bought 2000 PPT at 3 доллар- cant wait to start lending. This token is going to crush this year. Having all your tokens returned and gaining the coin appreciation, plus excellent interest on backed assets, while simultaneously taking the coins off the market is going to create strong upward pressure on price. Huge huge huge passive income potential for many years to come. The short term lending interest adds up to around 50% жылына. Whos going to want to sell with returns like that?

  4. Hey at least that johnson chart indicates where PPT is going. . . to the moon! Just mind your head, Lark. I have some PPT. It will be excellent for contractors who do gvt work. US govt pays every 90 күн. And while contractors might find govt contracts very lucrative, how do they keep their subs paid for 90 days at a time. Many subcontractors aren’t prepared to budget themselves and their families for that length of time. But they love those govt prevailing wages offered. Perfect fit for PPT. Wish them the best. Don’t have a large position in this but I’m definitely not selling over this. Second chanceespecially now that PPT is under the microscope. They can make this work.

  5. Thanks for this great and informative video CryptoLark. Nico the CEO of the Populous has tweeted a couple of days ago and said he is open to do an interview with anybody who wants to. Please do it for us CL. I’m sure lots of people would like to watch you two guys. I know i do.

  6. Жауапкершіліктен бас тарту: I like #CryptoLark and have no beef at all. Mad respect!
    The review was incomplete.Soooooooo much either glossed over or completely missed altogether.If I were watching this with fresh eyes I would not invest in PPT. THAT IS CRYPTOLARK’S MASSIVE DISSERVICE The reason for all the FUD is because PPT is about to disrupt a ridiculous market of 3 trillion.. there is no other crypto doing that. It just ain’t happening. Oh wait! Yes there isit’s called Veritaseum. I seem to remember the FUD storm right before VERI went straight moonshot from $40 $440!!!!!!!
    You see, someone is benefiting from the FUD. And it worked because CL made a huge miss on this project due to VERY surface research and focusing on FUD. The FUDs an illusion guys!!!!!! Wake up!
    PPT is THEE crypto for 2018 and you’re blinded by a little pre-constructed FUD!!!!
    Here’s what PPT has that was missed in this pitiful review:
    The secret sauce!!!!!!!!!!!! This is actually in the white paper. Your PPT tokens will go up in value as the project develops and those tokens can be plugged into the platform to lend real value to SMEs. Then you get your PPT tokens back plus commission for the service. THENyou get to plug in your tokens AGAIN over and over again to infinity. But the beauty is, as time goes by, your tokens will be worth more and more and your commissions will be bigger and bigger. That’s a residual income recipe for retirement.The secret sauce.
    Next there are gold backed POKENS. A liquidity pool backed by actual real touchable smellable gold. That’s huge. Look into it cryptolark.
    Next PXT tokens. A way for businesses and anybody to use the proprietary XBRL data. Nobody else on the planet has this high level of data refinement and now businesses can access this data by using Populous’ PXT token. A zillion reasons why businesses would. Look it up cryptolark. How could you miss this.
    You’ve fallen for the preconstructed FUD via lazy research and you’ve done your thousands of subs a HUGE MASSIVE GINORMOUS disservice.
    Stephen Williams has Twitter announced he’s doing interviews now that beta is launched. Maybe you might be inclined to look deeper with a 1 қарай 1 discussion with the man himself?
    PPT is Clif High’s number one token for 2018.
    Don’t let the FUDsters winlook deeper!!!!!!!!!!
    Love and Peace 🙂

  7. Thanks for taking the time to do an in depth comment

    Far from being lazy, blinded, pitiful, I spent hours looking over the white papers nowhere in the business plan, on the website, or in the whitepaper does it mention PXT tokens, or gold backed pokens. If these facts are nowhere in the publicly available documents then how am I or any other potential investor supposed to know?

    I hope I presented the FUD in a factual way that will allow people to come to their own conclusions. The facts as presented CEO charged with financial fraud 10 бірнеше жылдар бұрын, beta 3 months late, big partnership canceled. Considering the controversy it would have been a massive disservice for people not to know these things.

    I feel that I did point out the big potential of this product to disrupt a big industry.

    You are right in hindsight I could have focused a big more on the profit model of the token.

  8. absolutely not. the loans are collateralized by assets the borrower puts up, and you know who you are lending to. 3-5% over a month or two is sustainable, and cheaper than currently available from banks for providing the same service. bitconnect was a ponzi i called that and never touched that project. this is just a chance to become a bank. this isnt using your money with asmart bot”. you lend money to companies in need of short term capital. you choose the loan you want to fund. The borrower puts his request for lending on the site with terms they believe to be fair, and lenders get to pick the loans, based on credit worthiness and rate of return. this way it creates an open and fair free market.

  9. marc combs this is what you get for trusting Clif High, Bix Weir and the convicted felon who created this project. There were so many red flags with this one. I have no clue why the dudes that review these shitcoins fail to mention important facts like the guy who created this platform can barely code and just got out of jail in the UK after serving 4 years for fraud.

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