NEX ICO Co-Founder Ethan Fast Interview

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Ethan Fast the co-founder of NEX and City of Zion and the creator od the NEON wallet and discuss the NEX token sale and the importance of DEXs. NEX is a high powered decentralized exchange which is shaping up to be a formidable player in the space

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NEX ICO Co-Founder Ethan Fast Interview

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  1. hey lark i discovered something interesting on coinmarket cap
    looking at the stats from jan 2017 up to now
    we had a market correct everytime the total market more than doubled
    if history repeats itself we might get another correction at 1 trillion market cap which is also a big number that people will be watching

  2. Thanks for sharing! Nex sounds awesome!How is an off chain solution technically decentralized? Moving a transaction off of the blockchain onto aserveror datacenter technically opens the door for security issues and single points of failure. How will NEX handle that? How many servers will run off chain and where will they be located? Thx!

  3. Very nice interview! Ethan seems like a very intelligent person.

    You get paid in the assets being traded? That’s a really interesting feature!
    In regards to the matching engine, is this a point of weakness for hackers in the network?

  4. decentralized in this case means that the wallets and funds exist in the blockchain (private keys), there is no centralized datacenter or servers that house your private keys. Your basically managing trades with your own wallets, whereas NEON is still centralizing the matching engines for processing orders. There is no risk of the exchange getting hacked and you losing your funds. You can still lose your funds and get hacked personally, but there is no incentive to attack the NEON(for funds). The challenge here is scaling.

  5. i cant believe all the crypto would be anarchists are salivating over AIi’m into all technology, Technology is great. But AI is an enemy. It can only be an enemy. And in a world run by satanic baby killers, even if there was a chance that AI might not be an enemy; it probably will be. I do understand that NEX is just a DEX and not an AI but this guy is seriously in to AI with a kind of content and glazed eyes, that kindatell me he hasn’t considered the conspiratorial difficulties with AI

  6. You know what, after watching also interview with Fabio in which he is talking about NEX being a very long term project and listening to Ethan here, when you think about nex connection to NEO/ONCHAIN/ONTOLOGY projects I start to thing if this couldn’t be also the first decentralized exchange for something more than crypto

  7. Does anybody talk about ” **Locked in a smart contract with slow release over 2 years This rule is for all the ICO participants ?”
    So we will have to hold some tokens for up till 2 yrs ?

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