NEO vs WanchainHow Will These Two Cryptos Impact the Future of Cryptocurrencies?

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In todays video we look at NEO vs Wan as we compare and review them. How will these two cryptocurrencies impact the future of cryptocurrency.

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NEO vs WanchainHow Will These Two Cryptos Impact the Future of Cryptocurrencies?

34 Пікірлер

  1. Wanchain all the way. It aims to be a truly decentralized network unlike neo. It’s the only ico platform with privacy protection(this is big for enterprises), this feature makes wan unique in the space.
    Lastly when you look at market cap Wan has lot more room to grow than neo

  2. JimmymcGill More belief in the WAN team because they deliver??? Have you even looked Fusion’s Team? Lol. It is by FAR a better team. The CEO already has 2 multibillion dollar crypto projects under his belt. Regardless, they will work well together in the space. Wanchain will become an interconnected network for token transfer and swops with built in privacy, whereas Fusion will become a platform for financial institutions to adopt the blockchainBECAUSE of its transparency. They are both great projects that serve important purposes but to say WAN is the better project/investment tells me you have little knowledge on how all this works and you’re just buying into all the hype around the project right now.

  3. Dude it’s not a bad thing wanchain has so much hype, it means people talk about it and it’s on their radar. Hype is only bad when there is no substance behind it, but wanchain actually is unique within the space because of their technology and the team has very professional approach (also regulatory wise)
    In my view fusion has a LONG way to go to be on wanchains level, but i agree with you there is potential because of vision/team

  4. JimmymcGill Currently There is nothing interesting AT ALL with WAN’s tech. Their mainnet code is literallyliterallygo-ethereum with everything renamed to Wanchain or Wancoin, running PoA renamed as Pluto with OTA transactions. 10 months of work and all they have is a copy and paste job to show. It is currently 100% a hype coin. The only reason I still believe they will do well is because of the team. It really is a great team but they have so much more to prove. Like I saidThe CEO of Fusion has already produced 2 stellar crypto project via his company BitSE. QTUM and VeChain. When it launches toward the end of Q2, If their mainnet is as great as we all expect it to beexpect many WAN investors to jump ship and join the FSN team. Even though they can and will work beautifully togetherthey are still rivals from an investment point of view. Just keep an eye out for the Fusion code reviews that are to come and don’t get left holding the bags.

  5. James get the facts straight. The wanchain code is indeed based on the ethereum code but not just a copy. Really crazy if you think that.
    Wanchain 2.0(ethereum integration) and wanchain 3.0(btc integration) is not yet publicly available, they will probably make it public at later stage.
    This has to do with protecting intellectual property or something like that. I asked this on wan discord channel and telegram. My expectation is more and more people will jump
    on the wanchain train after 2.0 және 3.0. Gl with your fusion investment.

  6. JimmymcGill Everything I mentioned about the code WanChain has on github can be easily verified. I’m not making this stuff up. I’m not saying that to discredit the project, just saying they have a ways to go. Fusion is creating brand new technology. Based on the roadmap, It’ll be late 2019 before wan will be fully capable of interoperabilityFusion’s will be ready in late Q2 this year. Time will tell and I’m excited to see how both projects turn out.

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