ЕМЕС – Catapult, PundiX and the Venezuelan PetroPart 1

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Jason Lee and David Oh from NEM came to Windy Wellington and I had the chance to chat with them. In the first part of the interview we discuss the latest announcements about NEM catapult, massive user adoption being brought in via PundiX and just what is up with the Venezuelan Petro.

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ЕМЕС – Catapult, PundiX and the Venezuelan PetroPart 1

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  1. Interesting. So PundiX initially launched as a DApp on Achain. Why do you think they’ve decided to move forward on NEM’s blockchain instead of staying with Achain?

  2. Lark, Thanks for keeping us up on NEM. Unfortunately I have mixed feelings on our friend NEM. бірінші – Most Venezuelans ares struggling to get food, they don’t have computers or internet access. The central bank over there limits the amount of money you can have in the bank, besides seizing anything they deem as you havingtoo much”. Only an elite few will actually use the Petro. секунд – Open source and open availability has its advantages, but seriously, that means you make aterrorist coin” немесе “pedophile coinon a private blockchain. It’s just the unfortunate reality of the world we live in. It’d be great if they could use that idea to secretly trick and help identify such unsavory lots, but giving them a private blockchain, hmmmm, has some potential to make NEM a target.

  3. The one and only Venezuela’s sin is not surrender to world plutocracy. Is not precisely the reason of being of crypto to liberate people from them? I’m venezuelan in Venezuela. I’m no terrorist, I’m a person as you. Do you think I’m writing through a ouija? Don’t repeat killer cliches. If you want REAL information about venezuela, follow Telesur or Russia Today, және т.б., not the same media that legitimate e.g. the Iraq genocide based on WMD that never exists. The same US that bomb and attack worlwide is actually blocking us, please read Trump executive orders that affect every venezuelan, chavista or not, blocking our foreign commerce. We need the petro to get food & medicines from international markets. Thanx NEM, crypto and Nicolás Maduro we soon be able to do so. Petro is now on ICO, soon will be available to ANY venezuelan, so we can pay and buy anything we want in spite of the illegal and criminal Trump’s executive orders (“санкциялар”). Didn’t you learn nothing from the Iraq lesson and those million dead civilians? Repeating lies and cliches from corporate media kill millions, but you don’t tink about us because we areforeigners”, latins… “who cares?”, its absolutely irresponsible. Thanks open source, thanks crypto, thanks NEM.

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